Wallpaper shit

I'm entering this:

Get your off the wall designs onto the wall

Are you the next Florence Broadhurst?

Flash Photobition’s Digital Wallpaper Competition is giving everyone the chance to take home a cool $5,000 for Australia’s best digital wallpaper design, as well as have their own roll (30m²) of Flash Photobition’s Custom Wallpaper printed. Two runners up will also receive a roll (30m²) of printed Custom Wallpaper of their design.

We are hunting for undiscovered creative talent, once discovered who knows what the future will hold for you, this could be a life changing experience or just a lot of fun.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a computer whiz to enter! Although digital wallpaper is produced straight from a digital file, entries can be designed manually – from paintings, sketches or etchings - and then scanned in.

There is just one catch…for it to be legit’ wallpaper, all original designs need to join side to side and top to bottom, making it a repetitive pattern.

Entries close November 21st 2008 and prizes include first place, runners up and the People’s Choice Award.

Who are the Judges?
List of judges

Want to have a crack?
Register here
Fill out the online entry form and follow the prompts to upload your digital wallpaper file. If you have already registered log-in here.

Got a question?
Post your question on our online Q&A
or contact Ivana Tranchini

Female Model needed.

I need a female model for a photoshoot in the city. 11am-12am this friday. Holla if you can make it =]


Vietnamese Gangderrrzzz

A Streetcar Named Desire. Pt 1

Rest In Peace.

1 year ago exactly. Minutes in difference. Was the last time I talked to you. Even though we never met, it seemed like a lot was lost.

RIP Leah. I'll always remember.

On a lighter note: Version 1.00a of my Online Portfolio is created:
Right click and view image to see it properly.


Another Sig.

Fuck me.

Client (Lol, he calls it "client"): TokiWartooth (From Metalocalypse/DethKlok)
To Do: Finish 6 frames of the green clown, Animate/finish Toki the guitar player, Animate the speakers, fix/add lighting, Add more stage shit.

Timeline since Friday Arvo 10th of October till 11:00pm Saturday the 11th of October.
Everything is done pixel by pixel.

KukukukukukuYEAHHHHHHHHHhh (I do alotttaaa COCAAINNNEEEEEEeee)


Done lah.

Thanks to some inspiration from dA and GSA for the smaller sprites.
Made all of it besides the Lakers logo and sprites + coca cola can. (Pretty much all of it haha)
I made the large character thing myself. Thanks to "whitebutterfly" telling me it looks like a game, the first thing I did when I woke up was to add the scorebar shit.


Pixel Power


2 hours.

Will complete tomorrow.

To add: Shadowing, 2 more players and fix colours on jerseys/logo (restriction of palette) and sharpen court lines.
(Sprites are from NBA Jam on SNES)

Time to hit the sack... It's 3am!

+ Other random pixel creations created for sig whores on Bored Aussies
(These are not entirely original, some are stock from DeviantArt, thank you if I used your stock! I just need inspiration before I made my own one :p)

This one took me 1 hour. I still suck at photoshop.

Sushi <3

Watermelon FTW!


Fixed My Flash Bitch

Yeh, that's right Nikon. Fuck you.



Pocha, Fire Chicken.

Last night was killer.

Stra Pocha. I've had it before (Takeaway) but this time.. it was unfuckingbelieveable. Ie. Face sweating like a whore working over time.

So we got the Pocha plate and me + Jongman +Raymond pretty much died. Well I did.

After that we hit hot dogs and milk sodas. Fuck yeh. My stomach still hurts 20 hours later.

Here is our story.

Timbo was tired, tired as fuck. His mind was fatiguing from doing nothing, he slept on his sister's bed (Don't ask) and was awoken by slight taps on his feet. He woke up to see silhouettes of his friends, Jongman and Raymond. They got him up and told him that they were going to get some dinner. Timbo agrees and asks his mum (Like all good kids do) So they roll out and jump into Raymond's car. A nice maroony Honda Accord Euro. They drove to Henry's house whilst pumping some random RnB mix. Then just abo-

*Missing Reel, sorry for the inconvenience, please wait for staff to assist*

So there sat in front of Timbo, the plate of Pocha chicken, beads of sweat slipped down his face as the chicken glistened from the flourescent lighting above. The steam from the sauce rising and the wift of chilli-as-fuck chicken. Timbo lifted his chopsticks with doubt... Would this be worth all the hype? He thought to himself..

*Missing Reel, Look at images.*










Timbo400 dying and going pale... T___T


The Beach Before

Oh today is wet. Yvonne's thing is post-poned. Fam is up from Melbourne. And I'm blogging at 10am in the morning. Great start to the day.

So I'm here typing this blog with my family from Melbourne and Hornsby duking it out.

So yeh. I'm nerding it up and blogging. Here are the pics. (It's starting to rain just now)

Also at the bottom is my failed attempt at a lightbox. I'm remaking it cause it's all dead and shit.

Narrabeen. 03-10-08










/peace. Timbo400