Straight out SoCal

Haha Oh Wow

Man, I'm sick, still sick. I'm coughing up fucked up green goobers through out the day. It's bad.

Is it the withdrawal symptoms of quitting or something? Is this my punishment for quitting? Now I know why winners aren't quitters =p

Another subject is I was at Home bar on Sunday night to celebrate Kevin and Sammy's bdays. Then BAM, while I was in the club some randie comes up to me and pulls the "OMG TIMBO400?"

Yes you, you anonymous reader. You have revealed that a complete stranger actually reads this blog! WOOT! Thank you (This is my shout out to you!) That made my night, along with grinding those 2 face fuckers. Twas too funny splitting them up. Ha! Stupid assholes.

Then brings me to my next subject, my fixie.

Oh gosh. Bad news. I threw out my frame (Not really, It's hanging on my wall ATM)

So yes, I guess I'm building a new fixie from scratch... fuck.

Also I'm looking for mutual advertising! I'll link you on my blog in exchange for you to do the same! Please ask me =]

And today was perpetual fail day. Can people stop failing?


Click on that facebook link and join the Samboy Chips competition! It's a ploy created by Jenny Ly for her to win $10,000.52 worth of Samboy Chips. Fuck yeh. I want 20 packets.

We're actually winning ATM!


Blogatory Blog

So yeh, since my last blog quite a bit has happened:

Christmas Eve which I forgot what happened
Christmas, which was pretty awesome (Consisted of eating, sleeping and eating, probably gained a few kilos)
And then Boxing day, which is when the Christmas miracle came into action.

I spent the day driving my mother and sister around Auburn to go Laptop shopping. Anyway, we ended up at DFO where I sat in the car for several hours only to lose my wallet. I didn't realise until I got home but I was pretty pissed for the rest of the day.. until a good Samaritan rang up my business card and is now sending back the wallet to me! Wow!

So who ever you are, thank you very much! Your kind act will not be forgotten!

So events out of the way, I've been reading a new book (My first book to be read this year)
I found 3 books I like at Canleyvale's Salvos store, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Stephen King's The Shining and a random Jerry Seinfield book. Turns out I like reading this book. I just need to force myself to read it more! I've done like 50 pages which is really poor :( but I can perservere!

I also got sick on Saturday for some reason, now for the last few days, I've had the seediest cough! Hocking green goobers and shit. It's whack.

So day time blog. I feel really plain. I'm sitting at my computer wearing nothing but undies =p

I feel quite naked though.

I need to take a photo bad. Of anything, but nothing is inspiring me. I need to go out to paint. That will help me out of this fail-mood.


Mein Kampf

Feels good man...

So much achieved today thanks to Chris babe.


Motivation has risen to level 21.
I have begun my "Quitting". So I will report the next time I suck on a fag. (For you Sarah =p)
I am not trading my camera for a Wii Jongman. Sorry.
I am going to make a stencil by Friday.
I quit BA (Unless it's a friendly game of TreeTag) until SungMinBokChoi comes back. (For you Sung)

I miss you all too much. Have fun in Korea! You have a new computer waiting for you when you come back =)


Will resist.

I will resist.

I will not.

I will.

I can.


Finished Part I.

I will update/edit this post throughout today (15/12/08)

I finished the front cover today as of 12:45PM AEDST.

Here it is:
*This image has only been re-sized and slightly sharpened.
Right Click and view image to see the image at a better resolution!

Some info: The unflattened PDF is 190MB :(, flattened though is 41MB.
The actual res is 2362x3071 (300 DPI) or in metric 260mmx200mm

Edit1: Starting to bring shit into AI! The rear is ugly! I know T__T

Asking for Critique asap! It's due tomorrow!

Right click and view it please!


At the beginning of the day:

As of 5 mins ago:

Feels like there's too much green, might change it to a red colour scheme. Need to add the cereal shit like "weight" "nutrition" etc etc and the rest of the other sides T___T


Crusader Crunch

WoW's new cereal. Coming Soon.


Man, blogging is becoming a nuisance cause I'm really bad at it.

Oh well, here is some updates.

I've been working on some new styles, trying to get my 3D on and some other styles.
"Cuttin' Cheese"

Crits & Comments would be good!

Well onto something on the real. Who the fuck is calling me?

For about the last 3 or so nights, some faggot has been pranking my phone at inappropriate hours. Is it because you're a douchebag or because you're a douchebag? I trust most users on BA to be sensible enough to not abuse my "nice-ness" on the fucking server, but I guess not anymore. You fucked it up whoever you are.

I guess maybe you have nothing to do at 2am in the morning. I guess you front being me and ring someone else? Maybe you should DIAF. Seriously. What the fuck. I came home at 1AM last night to go to a peaceful sleep only to be woken by a coward who can't even talk on the fucking phone. Stop breathing into the phone, stop calling me you sick fuck stalker.

Anyway, with that off my chest, I have some other things to announce.

I have lost my Mini SD card for my DS :( It was time to search for a bigger SD card anyway. 1GB sucked the balls considering half of all the good DS games were like 128MB T___T.

Also I have lost my *ring*. SHH Iantha, DW I will make it up to you. It's either under the harbour bridge (I took it off to spray paint something) OR I lost it at home. Either way I can't find it :(

Good news: I got an interview at Greater Union in Parramatta. So hopefully that's baller and I can watch movies and shit. Woot!

Money for timbo to burn.

Peace out. /timbo400.

Brutal. Too Brutal.

Mixed emotions, chills running down my spine.

I normally blog late at night. But what I just witnessed. Is the worst shit you can ever see in your life.

Most of us have experienced the internet phenomena of shock sites/videos/images, they range from goatse to videos of beheadings, and as an avid watching of such fucked up shit.. I have experienced the worst of them all.

What is it? Imagine this...

The brutal beating of an innocent man.. captured on tape.
The brutal murdering of an innocent man.. captured on tape.
This man, groaning from the pain and anguish caused by some sick fucks.
The feeling of a screw driver piercing your flesh, your orifices..

It's painful just reading it.. but I watched it. I mean Hollywood can get as fucking gory and realistic as it wants with all that computer bullshit. In the end, you know it's fucking fake. You know that no one died even if it's based on a true story, in the end it's just a recount of what really happened. But this? This is what happened. This is if you were there. The sounds, the emotions. Fuck it's gross.

I could blab on about myself but what about the perpretrators? Arrested last year, they killed 21 people within a month apparently. And they're only 20 years old. I'm not going to blame anyone but I'm going to ask.. "WTF?" How the fuck does one become sick enough to watch another man brutally killed. And FUCKING LAUGH WHILE YOU'RE DOING IT. Fuck I had enough trouble chasing and batting down bats and lizards when I was a small kid, at the end of the day I'd feel so fucking guilty I'd make sure I don't jerk off and preserve those little bits of God's essence to make sure if he's watching I didn't waste anymore lives that day.

That being said.. Here's a compilation of a ranking of the worst things I've seen online in my life.

- Meatspin, Lemonparty, Tubgirl, 2girls1cup etc etc: I laffed, this shit is funny.
- Tranny/Scat/Beastiality porn: I laffed and I fapped.
- Penis removal Images: First proper gore. Scarred but not detered. Images don't phase me.
- Pain Olympics/Rotten etc etc: I felt a bit guilty but wasn't that bad.
- IraQ Beheading: First time I felt really sick in my life. 7/10 on the sickness scale.
- Russian Neo Nazi Beheading: I felt really fucking bad, so bad I could feel the dudes pain. I watched it all though. 9/10
- Ukraine Senseless Murder Video: 10/10. It's so retarded I put it on pause and skipped through it I could feel his pain.

No, I don't find pleasure watching these videos. It's more of curiousity. I don't find that sadistic shit cool or funny. At the end of the day I have this running through my head: "Curiousity killed the cat"

Ironically the Ukraine dudes performed their sick killings on cats before moving onto humans. Just some trivia for all you guys.

So how curious are YOU? Are you curious enough to watch the video? I warn you though, it's R18+ due to retardedly fucked up gore/real life murder etc etc.


If you cannot handle that, here is the new story about the killings: Watch Me
News Info: Click Me for info.

On the lighter side of things:
For my fanclub:


Groupie Love



Last night with Another.
The hieght of it all
Iantha and Ish
Dave from wollongong with inch



I have not seen some fucking funny shit on jewtube for so fucking long.

I'm fucking serious.

So here is some FUCKING awesome SHIT!

Mahvell Baybeee!

Shit is thick as fuck and deserves to be watched! I mean.. It's so PRINGLES!

So yeh, that's that.

Design? Fuck I've been hammered with shitty photography exercises which I don't like. So I'm being lazy and using old stock. IE. You're a shit cunt timbo fucking four hundred.

Yeh, that's right, admit it. You're a fucking lazy shit cunt.


Well overall (Who wears overalls still?) there is big news..

Fuck yeh, ritchie's last few days is here :*(

Therefore, he's holding a huge fucking party or some shit like that! IE. BALLER!

28th of November it's on.



Hearts are like porcelain..

They're easily broken.

Just some updates:


He played ball.

He played it. He played it a lot.


60th post.

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged :(

CATC's assignment's keep getting more anal! Arg!

But yeh, I lost my hair :/ Mum cut the fringe and I went apeshit. So I stuck the razor to my scalp and here I am.

I finally got the tattoo too =3


Wallpaper shit

I'm entering this:

Get your off the wall designs onto the wall

Are you the next Florence Broadhurst?

Flash Photobition’s Digital Wallpaper Competition is giving everyone the chance to take home a cool $5,000 for Australia’s best digital wallpaper design, as well as have their own roll (30m²) of Flash Photobition’s Custom Wallpaper printed. Two runners up will also receive a roll (30m²) of printed Custom Wallpaper of their design.

We are hunting for undiscovered creative talent, once discovered who knows what the future will hold for you, this could be a life changing experience or just a lot of fun.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a computer whiz to enter! Although digital wallpaper is produced straight from a digital file, entries can be designed manually – from paintings, sketches or etchings - and then scanned in.

There is just one catch…for it to be legit’ wallpaper, all original designs need to join side to side and top to bottom, making it a repetitive pattern.

Entries close November 21st 2008 and prizes include first place, runners up and the People’s Choice Award.

Who are the Judges?
List of judges

Want to have a crack?
Register here
Fill out the online entry form and follow the prompts to upload your digital wallpaper file. If you have already registered log-in here.

Got a question?
Post your question on our online Q&A
or contact Ivana Tranchini

Female Model needed.

I need a female model for a photoshoot in the city. 11am-12am this friday. Holla if you can make it =]


Vietnamese Gangderrrzzz

A Streetcar Named Desire. Pt 1

Rest In Peace.

1 year ago exactly. Minutes in difference. Was the last time I talked to you. Even though we never met, it seemed like a lot was lost.

RIP Leah. I'll always remember.

On a lighter note: Version 1.00a of my Online Portfolio is created:
Right click and view image to see it properly.


Another Sig.

Fuck me.

Client (Lol, he calls it "client"): TokiWartooth (From Metalocalypse/DethKlok)
To Do: Finish 6 frames of the green clown, Animate/finish Toki the guitar player, Animate the speakers, fix/add lighting, Add more stage shit.

Timeline since Friday Arvo 10th of October till 11:00pm Saturday the 11th of October.
Everything is done pixel by pixel.

KukukukukukuYEAHHHHHHHHHhh (I do alotttaaa COCAAINNNEEEEEEeee)


Done lah.

Thanks to some inspiration from dA and GSA for the smaller sprites.
Made all of it besides the Lakers logo and sprites + coca cola can. (Pretty much all of it haha)
I made the large character thing myself. Thanks to "whitebutterfly" telling me it looks like a game, the first thing I did when I woke up was to add the scorebar shit.


Pixel Power


2 hours.

Will complete tomorrow.

To add: Shadowing, 2 more players and fix colours on jerseys/logo (restriction of palette) and sharpen court lines.
(Sprites are from NBA Jam on SNES)

Time to hit the sack... It's 3am!

+ Other random pixel creations created for sig whores on Bored Aussies
(These are not entirely original, some are stock from DeviantArt, thank you if I used your stock! I just need inspiration before I made my own one :p)

This one took me 1 hour. I still suck at photoshop.

Sushi <3

Watermelon FTW!


Fixed My Flash Bitch

Yeh, that's right Nikon. Fuck you.


Pocha, Fire Chicken.

Last night was killer.

Stra Pocha. I've had it before (Takeaway) but this time.. it was unfuckingbelieveable. Ie. Face sweating like a whore working over time.

So we got the Pocha plate and me + Jongman +Raymond pretty much died. Well I did.

After that we hit hot dogs and milk sodas. Fuck yeh. My stomach still hurts 20 hours later.

Here is our story.

Timbo was tired, tired as fuck. His mind was fatiguing from doing nothing, he slept on his sister's bed (Don't ask) and was awoken by slight taps on his feet. He woke up to see silhouettes of his friends, Jongman and Raymond. They got him up and told him that they were going to get some dinner. Timbo agrees and asks his mum (Like all good kids do) So they roll out and jump into Raymond's car. A nice maroony Honda Accord Euro. They drove to Henry's house whilst pumping some random RnB mix. Then just abo-

*Missing Reel, sorry for the inconvenience, please wait for staff to assist*

So there sat in front of Timbo, the plate of Pocha chicken, beads of sweat slipped down his face as the chicken glistened from the flourescent lighting above. The steam from the sauce rising and the wift of chilli-as-fuck chicken. Timbo lifted his chopsticks with doubt... Would this be worth all the hype? He thought to himself..

*Missing Reel, Look at images.*
Timbo400 dying and going pale... T___T


The Beach Before

Oh today is wet. Yvonne's thing is post-poned. Fam is up from Melbourne. And I'm blogging at 10am in the morning. Great start to the day.

So I'm here typing this blog with my family from Melbourne and Hornsby duking it out.

So yeh. I'm nerding it up and blogging. Here are the pics. (It's starting to rain just now)

Also at the bottom is my failed attempt at a lightbox. I'm remaking it cause it's all dead and shit.

Narrabeen. 03-10-08

/peace. Timbo400