Happy Halloween!

It was halloween and it was celebrated at my house. Thanks to everyone that came, you made it all the better, mad props to Esther, Mitch, Rob and the general people that helped out whilst I was completely wasted.

It was good to see some old friends, catching up even though I didn't stay sober for long but that doesn't matter :p

Thank you all once again!


First Exhibition

This was about 1/4 of the crowd, 15 minutes later it was poppin'

Thanks to everyone that came, definitely made me feel like actually rekindling my love for Art. Never felt better.


Blood Stained Hands

My hands are stained. Stained by the artefact that controlled my life. Magic fucking 8-Ball. Cursed by it's foretellings I think I've broken the spell.

"Am I able to live longer now?"

Cya mate. Grace gave me the courage to face my fears and battle the said menacing monster. It took several blows but in the end I hold it's heart and soul within my hands. The blue and black blood stains my carpet and my hands. Unable to wash the filth but worth the sacrifice.
Tomorrow is the opening for CMYK Yourself. Be there!

Listening to: Big Punisher - Endangered Species


Drive down the road

Just some more experimental work.


The "Lone Wolf" upon his stage

Sage Francis is The Best MC I've seen live so far, not that I've seen a lot but this guy is amazing.

The "Lone Wolf" upon his stage, only an MC and CDJ.
His wig, his words, his personal stories and recollections spilt live and heard by his disciples. Mind numbing and unable to comprehend. The ability to make us jump and go wild yet humble us with the quick few wise words.

I was amazed by the turnout but slightly disappointed I only knew 2 other faces in the crowd (One of them that came with me :P Thanks Vivian!)

Apparently it's his last tour. I'm quite sad but I'm happy to have witnessed possibly the best thing ever in my life. I didn't get anything pictures but I have physical sweat from him upon my red sweater. So I guess that'll do right?


Majorly Done!

I'm finally done! It's currently at my Auntie's house to be framed. Fuck yeah!

Other than that, my diet of Fruit Loops has gone terribly wrong, David Lee's wise predictions have come true. My stomach hurts, I'm having constant headaches and my shit is really, really green.

It's my 299th post so I'll celebrate it on the next post. And just a small rant. Fuck facebook and it's photos, that shit is haunting especially when your friend's are photographers and you like to do stupid shit. I love it all though :)

I'm doing a few jobs here and there finally. It's been a while since I've opened up the Adobe suites (That's not lightroom) to do something productive. It makes me warm inside when I make a nice layout. Nothing beats it (Besides riding bicycles)

Got in touch with some old friends, got a few new things to do. Shit this week is quite exciting


Throw Us Your Pitch

Friday night was amazing. Thanks to William! Also props to his brand new 5D MkII
Saturday Night I went out with Vivian and Ben to see Satoshi Tomiie, Guy J and some other peeps at The Forum, It was quite intense, I've heard progressive minimal house before but never live. It was a good experience :)

And I'm nearly done with my major. Scraps.

Currently Listening To: Rusko


2011 Already?

Hell yeahs, I cannot wait.

Quadruple the threat, got all the ladies wet.

And tomorrow is a "big" night :)


The Best Of Times

I've been sleeping on Sage Francis's 2010 album "Li(f)e"

Oh god "The Best of Times" is amazing and holy fuck is it tear mongering.

Considered killing myself cause of that, it was a big deal, it was a blown cover, it was over for me, my goose was cooked, stick a fork in me, the jig is up, what were my chances? The rest is history. Our future is torn to sunder. It became abundantly clear; I was only brought here to suffer.

6/20 parts of my Major done.