Back from the Dead

Wassup Kids. Long time no post yeah?

Pfft. Been so dead.

So here I am, back from it.

To be presented is the last 3 weeks of my life in one post. Hopefully it's long and interesting, not just your ordinary post. Life has hit that point of where in the galaxy time moves but objects stay static. Only to be forever still. I'm waiting for something interesting.

So there are some sides to me... first is my nerdageness.

I'm finally part of the Mod team on the BA forums. So I'm technically not a MOD, but just a slave peon. I'm a Feedback Peon. Oh well, better than nothing, plus I can move threads :woo:

BA forums needs more people though, it seems it's reaching it's menstruation cycle and it's just the usual body parts shooting out the new kids in the flow of blood. Either that, or the new users don't find the womb aka forums as warming as the testicle they came from.

Onto Timbo's social life: N/A

Tim's Death:

I would like to write this eulogy for my best friend, Tim Duong.

"Tim Duong would have wanted me to do this, he knew me and I knew him for all of our lives. We were unseparatable.

I came to know myself since I was born, only during the later years of my life I have got to know myself a lot better. Tim was a fine young man, I was talented and was full of enthusiasm when he did his hobbies.

Tim found out his passion for art at a young age; since primary school I would bring home simplistic drawings that would eventually evolve into something else. Tim left behind a whole lot of memories. I was more than just a young art student, I was a son of a loving mother, a brother of caring sister and I hopefully was a good friend. Tim will be missed by us all, I only hope that his memory will live on."

So here I am, to relive it.

Timbo400's Photos:

/End Timbo400.

Fuck. Sick again?

Hey peeps, loyalists that even bother to read my never-updated journal/blog on life.

That's right. School holidays started today but I'm 1. Sick, 2. Going to Fraser Island on Sunday.

That rips out a whole fucking week of my holidays! Fucking whack!

But yeh, chicken nuggets are practically chicken schnitzels just smaller. I had both today, and they are both nearly the same. What a jip. Along with some random soup noodles, that made my current lazy fat asshole diet.

Oh and life? Fuck. Last seven days. 3 movies at the Cinemas.

In order of coolness.

1. Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton 2008)
2. Hancock
3. Don't Mess With The Zohan

Fuck, that's a lot of fucking money the cinemas are making considering each movie played once every 2 hours have about 40 customers playing $10-15 x several diff movies. I would stick to my homebrew/ghetto CAMs and shit. But that defeats the whole purpose, I don't have a Clipse home theatre system with a 16:9 plasma tv + R2D2 projector that plays on a wall thats the size of bigfoot's forehead. Movies at the movies, it's such a waste of time considering you sit there for 2 hours silent (Unless you're one of those douchebags that talk throughout it)

Maybe it's for conversation and enlightenment (Besides the clean cut entertainment) But fuck, I've been there 3 times in the last week, have I fallen for consumerism of useless events. Am I just fiending for some action on the big screen. Whatevs.

Anyway it's time to end the post:

Here's my latest work. Some comic book action. Teasers:

Yours sincerely. /Timbo400.