Film! Yay :D

I got my film back from Andrew Park today (Ty to you + your dad!)

18/36 I'm happy with!

Here's a glimpse. Apologies for the bad scans. My HP scanner was $39 4 years ago at OfficeWorks.


Worst Panorama Ever.

My Room :p

It's quite blue hey Jae Hee?


Teary with a Smile

Oh god, the last 2 days have been a scorcher.. I've havn't been out in the open in this type of heat for god knows how long... but I'm here to tell the story and a story is what I'm about to type/post.

Friday started with routine work on the PC but I eventually had to deliver some photos to a client who lives near Flemington. I did the usual FaceBook microblog updates and such but this time someone actually replied seriously!

I met Lesley ChoiZzz for the first time, that little girl I remember back when she was in Primary school and was always in the background for webcam seshs with Jasmine :3

Anyway I sprinted from Flemington to Strathfield in about 10-15 minutes in the crazy 35 degree Celsius heat. Then met Lesley for the first time ever (Funny because I knew Jasmine who I still have not met! D:) Anyway that's not the point. We ate Green Tea IceCreams at Beauty & The Beast in Strathfield and traded Ovaltine spread for Asian lollies (Which were melted + super yummy).

Some pics to describe our adventures.

Then the night was spent with Humgaz, I couldn't hit the note I wanted to. So it was a bit of a downer but I didn't care. There was a intense micro session after, timbo vs humga, Score 1:1. First round P vs Z then Z vs T. I played quite noob but Humga was using his not so good units.

Saturday. I awoke to a funny dream. I don't actually remember it but I recall it being funny for some reason. Still mind blanked.

I ended up dressing not like Elvis.. so I compromised and drove to Raymond's house for a pair of Wayfarers to do the look... ie. Rick Astley (Insert YT Rickroll link) we chilled for a bit catching up on the months of not seeing each other before I scuttled home and prepared to go to Hui's. I eventually arrived at Hui's in Stanley's car with Jennifer and was totally CBF'd pretty much the whole event due to sleeping at 4am and waking at 9am... but I did shoot a few blurry unusable photos...

All was not lost as Janet (I kept saying Janette @.@) gave me 2 movies to watch. I ended up watching one tonight aka "The Royal Tenenbaums" which is an awesome movie. I don't know why but it got me slightly teary after Richie cut his arms open... but it left me on an awesome note.

Then I finished today off with a poem, a more deep poem than usual. I feel that it's unfinished but I cannot add anymore to it so I'll leave it as it is. Nothing more.


"Bitter taste in my mouth with a swish of wine to clear it out,
The trails of sweat and stains from my veins are constantly gushing out.
The truth pierces my heart; but I can't breath, constantly when I dream,
It's what l feel, your warm touch, the soft kiss, it's all surreal.
Nobody can figure out what's wrong with me,
Because I'm slowly fading in your memory."

Hopefully you read the 10 chapter blog post.. =.=
Keep a watch out for Sunday's post. Will get my 35mm film back! :D


Random OldBoy

Ok random post... a while ago I took this photo in Korea..

Then a person on the forums pointed this out...



Timothy Dugong

This post is dedicated to Janet Tan.

I havn't updated any art in a while. I met the Yee'z and they've inspired me to draw more shit. Expect more.


Ripe Banana.

Fuck, the last 2 days have been constant procrastination. I spent weds night with Mitch and Jesse hitting up karaoke. I did my first solo on the song that helped me throughout Europe. Radiohead - Creep. Sure it's overrated and what not. But I don't fucking care, it was the only song from Radiohead that was understandable and I knew the lyrics by heart.

I scored 100. Sure it's probably a shit system but no one else totally hit the fucking 100 mark so yeh. Winnnnerrr of the night. Along with this were VBs that sustained me throughout the night despite tasting like cock. I also met Christina Lee. :3 Oh my gawd it was like reunion xoxoxo!

I ended up eventually with Chris and Humga... it was 12.3 reunited. Although 2 members were missing it felt like it was yesterday we were on stage making a fool out of ourselves for the glory of the best performers EVAR in RSC. (Like literally)

I was so bored tonight, I spent 1 hour guessing her muff and seeing if she was filthy...

Jason is in Sydney. Adonis needs help with his homework. Other than that, Fixie swap meet on this Saturday. See you there ^^

Deus Bicycle Swap Meet NR 4

But now, I'm just listening to Lionel Richie.. I'm slowly moving but non-existant.


Sweaty & Stickayyyy

The moist summer nights haunts me when I sleep, even several fans blowing against me don't do much besides leaving me to want more. Waking from a surreal dream and breaking into a sweat. No fucking way.

Oh my lord. today was like super hot. I'm pretty sure there was a thin layer of glue all over me cause every time I touched something I'd stick to it.

I started off my day with a drive to Strathfield where I enjoyed a meal with Kimi. Fried Dumplings I ate whilst Kimi had noodles + black bean sauce (Jajangmyun, had to google it =.= ) and a peach ice tea. Then we hit up slurpies :3 Coke and raspberries yewwww.

Followed by this was a trip to Bicentennial Park where we had a camera picnic and then I had my first expedition to IKEA in 3 years! Rofls were to be ensued and along with it was Swedish meatballs /w cranberry sauce. Twas a wonderful light dinner snack.

I also got a new phone thanks to kimi for lending it to me! (I'll take good care of it :3)
Which reminds me I need to find a charger for it! So anyone with a newer Samsung charger are you able to lend it to a needing boy?

Now listening to: Radiohead - The Bends
Was listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Song Unknown (Kimi was playing it)
Last thing I ate: Slices of Apple
What I wore: Supreme, Wrangler, Vans.
New Link for timbo400:

The Pedo-Panda =.=


Jedi-knight timbosan =.=


Fresh Cool Breeze

Title is rip from Panda on WC3 lol.

Ok, backtrack a few days. This week I've been out with Joseph and Kimi quite a bit :)

It's been hella fun the last few days actually. Kimi & Joe keeping me company and sane whilst I'm at home and not drilling something into my skull. I went out on Friday night to meet JM and Hanul also but JM was stuck at Opera bar so we went to a Korean joint and hit up Soju. I've never had soju before this week and like the lightweight I am I totally smashed and walking the streets of Sydney city. Joe also showed me these wicked beer x coke x soju bomb things. Oh my gawd they were so good. I eventually went and met Hanul, Yoon + ? and we went to Cheers along with Charles and Brian :3

The next day I had a Curry 21st shot for Sajit's birthday on a cruise which was fun. But what made my weekend was me riding 5.3km. 3 sprints from Rydalmere to Westryde station. 20 minutes of cadence :3 BUT that nearly made my day until I raced my mate's Honda DC5 (Integra TypeR), I had a 1 minute headstart but nearly thought I'd lose but on the last set of lights, I picked up my fixed and ran down the road (so I sorta cheated O__O) but whateves. Then I got steak and beaten by Aaron's smashing goblin deck! D:

I ended up in Strathfield some how but instead we just hit up icecreams whilst the other boys went web ._.

And to finish off the night I flew to the Tri-Delta with Jae Hee and Joseph. Mission Code B-Z782. All accounts successful.

Yes that's me racing the DC5, photo credit to Kimi.


What a beautiful world...

Wow, what a shit last 2 days. Only because I had the shittest haircut that the world could possibly fathom. Ok, I'm at Bankstown. I go to the local hair styler in the shopping mall, expecting to get an alright cut for the rent they're paying to stay in this fucking mall. I ask the barber (the girls wouldn't cut my hair for some odd reason) to cut it like the picture of James Dean I handed him and said "I want to slick or roll my hair like in the image" and he replies "Easy"

So yeah, the haircut is done. My hair is short like some fucking army crewcut motherfucker. YEH BRO I ASKED FOR A FUCKING SPIKEY WOG CUT BRO. Fuck you and your English. Learn the difference between spiking and fucking slicking back. I EVEN SAID ELVIS OMG.

Anyway, I kept thinking about Buddha then got down and dirty today and spent 5 minutes waving my samurai sword at nothing. In the end of this all I'm actually quite calm and happy.

I also found out my sigma lense is beyond repair. 17-50mm Tamron f2.8 here I come! SB-900 here I come!

But what really makes me happy is the time I spent with my nieces in Melbourne. They just put a smile on my face and made my time in Melbourne all the much better. They're the cutest things in the world.

Meet Alicia

And Katlyn (I think that's how it's spelt)

Awwww Lol!

And my uncle.

Thanks for reading fellow readers,