Keep Calm And Carry On

The title of my new work. Based on the English posters during WWII.

S(pl)ushie set limited edition of 3.
Includes Onigiri and Salmon/Ginger /w Chopsticks and Soy Sauce.
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"I've been looking for someone to love me"

I just finished "Rebel Without A Cause"

-Hngggg- *grabs chest* I love it.

This is a drawing for a mate I did then rendered in Ai. 6ix Inc, going to print it tomorrow :) and to finish off this post some photobooth from Jocelyn on Kick Ass night :P


Pleasure Graphed on a Horizontal Plane.

Oh Saturday night, Jess and I we rocked up to Coogee in her baller Merc. I was dressed as the epitome of evil. Hitler. And she was partnered with me as Anne Frank. The house was really cool with pinball machines and pools with waterfalls and stuff. Anyway I enjoyed the night with Dylan celebrating his 21st. Happy Belated once again my SCA friend! May the power of being 21 help you grow a better mustache.

Sunday day I ended up in the City eating seafood at the markets (
yum yum!) and then setting out to Paddington in search for something worthy to buy. Oh wow it was so disappointing! Maybe next time... maybe next time.

Listening to: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (The OST)


Tender love

I am in love.


Nothing worthy

Some Mouse Lovin'Oh I had a great "date" with Jocelyn tonight :3

We had dinner at my house then took some photobooth shots and then set off to Parramatta for some KickAss action!

I then completed my project in 2 minutes.

My aggressive hug.

Some Mouse Lovin'


Broken Fingers

Ahhh some old work to be worked on. I have some older work I would like to finish (Found here) of the Taste Bud Tantilizer crewz. I'm having trouble coming up with something original which makes me not want to draw him. This week is going to be quite jam packed.

Yesterday I made Kim Chi, Banh Bao and this morning I made Gamja jorim (Pictured above, not my photo but it looked exactly the same!) My mum and sister loved it. I'm cooking once again tomorrow and on Tuesday Jocelyn is totes coming over for dinner once again (My family loves it when you come over! ^__^) and then we're off to watch Kickass! (Arielle, fuck what you said about it, the title of the film WILL reflect the movie itself and the rating cause I know that shit)

I have a new look to be posted on but I need someone to shoot it (I hate self-timing =.=) Time to get my pose on I guess.

Listening to: Ratatat - Nine Beats


Skulls and Sugar

I'm doing a few drawings like normal and ended up getting this done.

Tracing of a tattoo, I love candy skulls (Day of the Dead skulls), but this along with the 50s hair style. I don't know the original artist but I've retraced it.

I'm currently in love with this tattoo. It reminds me of Corey's tatts but coloured.

Yesterday I also had mad fun with Arielle and the posse. All the following photos are credited to Jonny :)

Happy Birthday Arielle (On Sunday :3)

Listening to: Massive Attack - Heligoland


Story of Self Styling

The never ending quest to find style. Like Smash137 explains it.... "The quest for the perfect style"

I wouldn't call myself a graffiti artist. My works are 99% drawn. 0.7% bombing. 0.3% piecing. Truth.

I'm always stuck creating new styles for myself, never stuck with one, constantly improving but never happy. When I want to paint something, I drew something new and better. I'm just pushing myself away from painting. Although my last paint was 1 month ago, it was because it was spontaneous. I picked up some found cans in a warehouse and pieced on empty walls. I've got so much ink in my wardrobe to stain the cityscape. Grog/Krink/Homebrew

I'm getting out of touch. I need to paint. I need walls :( (All local walls have been knocked down) my next pay check after my Deep-Vs I'll buy a 5-colour-set and do a piece. Promise.

This coming week is review week and I'm pumped to finally relax a little more. Tomorrow is Karaoke night with Arielle cause she's just awesome. It's her birthday and no better way to celebrate it with a sack of goon in botanical gardens.

I've also pre-prepared for Pecy's birthday party. I have my shirt and jacket ready. Now I need Dr.Martins or Gumboots, cape, shorts and an impossible to find hat. The quest for beauty is marvelous.

Listening to: Peanut Butter Wolf presents "Chrome Children"


On the grind

Been keeping myself occupied with drawings as of late.


New Styles. Old Scans.

I want more cold weather! Today was pretty good, then the sun came out and I wanted to shoot myself. I literally put on my scarf, took a step outside my room then BAM the sun peeks out of the clouds and laughs at me.

So old scans but new style.

Got me biting my lips: "I wanna get close to you like, shoes and laces, teeth and braces andsentenceswithnospaces"


Bad Hat

Pepito I love thee.

This is if I was Pepito.

Also finished another art book. Time to move onto my next book.


In His Shadows.

Spent the day on the 52nd floor then met Hui.


Do do do do do do do do

Nerds, Nerds and Art critics.
Met so many people from BA. Zain, Zel1nk, CoM, Ankles, Reinnnn, Yamite, Syko-Exe, Sil3nt_4ss4ssin, -xDan, fcukQ, cluedupazn, m1lkman, docker24 and a few other people. Definitely a biggest BA meet up ever. The next one won't be as big but it'll have better content.
After this meetup, I met Janet and Jaehee and Josh (pictured) and Chris. After I got wasted on Soju (as always)

And today I went to the NGA in Canberra. I'll upload the film photos when I get them developed.


The Saddest Day Evar

It wasn't even that sad, just more of empty and nothingness.

I've slaved away to my computer doing shit and trying to make it do the things I want it to do. But it's so retarded. I open my blinds to see that it does nothing to the lighting, feels like fluorescents. Arg. Today is not a good day. 

On top of the weather and computer work, I'm stuck at home unable to shower because I'm waiting for a FedEx truck to come and deliver my stickers. Everytime I hear a truck or van driving past I run to the window like a dog to it's master. With this my whole day, I've been missing a sock. I can't grab another sock because that means a pair will be broken and it would be sad. I woke up today with a sock missing, if I'll find it I will never know. Even my bird is feeling my wrath, after biting my lip from me trying to kiss it, I go ape shit. 

Just another bad day out of 365 days. Could be a lot worse I'd say :)

Tomorrow is the BA Community Meeting day. Where normal citizens online will meet their friends IRL. I'm totes bringing out the nerd inside me but I don't care :P

Cloudy day. (I wish my room was like this, without the clouds so low though)



Ok, I had my first vivid "Someone else dying" dream about 30 minutes ago. So best if I type it up here before it flies away.

I was walking down my road with a large group of friends and we turned onto the next road, I somehow was flying/levitating upside down on a 45 degree angle and someone was "walking" me like a wheel barrow except the fact I wasn't touching the ground. Anyway I hear a loud boom and look up to see a bike crash/truck crash (Who I knew earlier in the dream was riding his new bike) I ran over to the accident and looked at his body and it was pretty fvcken detailed, his torso was ripped open and so was his abdomen. with blood and such spilling everywhere.. I turned away and started crying/grabbing Mitchell and awoke to disgust/gagging.

To Kenny Son: If you bought a bike, don't ride it... or if you ride the bike I gave you a while ago.. don't ride that either.


Crushingly Cute

I watched "How to Train Your Dragon" today with Janet. It was definitely cute but for the older scene (Not that I'm old or anything, but older than your average man-child-man) it seemed similar to a cliche 'friend-befriends-enemy' or whatever like Avatar/Pocahontas. I'm not too movie savvy but yeh, that's my comparison.

The main character's voice was slightly annoying at times throughout the movie. The other characters are lovable but I must mention the Jock kid looks like Jack Black! Wow! He looks like Jack Black's character from the new video game he stars in AKA "Brutal Legend"

Kid on the right of the main middle man

I'd rate the movie 6/10, most of it scored by the awesome flying scenes, special 3D effects (which are in all movies nowadays) and toothless for being the cutest dragon EVER.

That being said, I would like to add a pet dragon to my wants list. I want a dragon (a fast black one with cute green eyes) Thanks Easter Bunny.

In other news, Tony Le is in Sydney, I must get a photo with him and do the standard BA/GD meet up.