100th post.

weee. It's my 100th post!

To celebrate it.. I'll post something I feel about the internet, It's how I feel about my blogs and such. =p

Also to celebrate, I'll post some works that will be in my online portfolio!



Enjoy, /timbo400


I'm trying to spend 5+ hours everyday on photoshop. /crosses fingers.




Just some inspiration



I quit for a week.


Songs of the night.

The crickets play their melodies as I type this. My fingers go to the rhythm as I click the keyboard. The constant whirling of my computer fan is the beat and the fridge is making a fucking subtle but annoying static in the background.

Although that orchestra is playing in my mind or maybe even reality... it doesn't clear out the voices inside my head.

To Leanne. I don't actually remember the day we met.. I'm pretty sure it was when you were in year 9 or something. Well, I'll miss you a fvck load. 550. Those were the days. I lived for the 550. The 30 min bus ride was the highlight of everyday. School was just a buildup for the amount of shit that happened on the 550 or waiting for it at Eastwood. Even then, at school sitting down and doing jack shit. That was the life.

I'll definitely miss you. I'll definitely visit you.

Other news... today... the Fairfield Mayor sold his tie at a charity auction for $3000AUD.. lol. Thank god it was for charity. Whilst at the charity.. I drew on shit. Here's something I drew:


http://www.timbo400.com is 60% done. It's touch dry though.


WTF Changes?!?!?

You may be wondering.. wow what the fuck did you do to your blog tim? It might be better looking.. it might not be. But it's for my future site :)

I've acquired timbo400.com yesterday :D for $20 (2 year domain xD)

I'm in the process of building my website, it's taken me about 20+ hours on photoshop to perfect it (Trial and error). This is the first time I've built a website so please be easy on me. There's so much trial and error =__=.


Anyway, I'm back. and here it is. www.timbo400.com has gone LIVE!

That's right. Although many pages are still being fixed I'll work out how to use flash and make the portfolio and shit.

Sorry about the quick/shot blog.

Listening to: DJ Shadow - Hindsight


Illustrations of life.

View fullscreen.



Mmm, I've spent the whole day working on my future portfolio. Although I am pretty sure about the layout, I'm still unsure of my website link. Should it be timbo400? It sounds so cheesy! I mean I should be creative enough right? Well here's a preview, I scrapped the music player for a "showcase" thing. Planning to add a "recycle" bin icon or AKA "scraps" bit :)

View in full scale!



Portfolio Concept Version 2

Concept Version 2: 18th of February 2009.


Revison: Streamline:

Right click and view it to see it how it is.

I'm getting webspace very soon! Don't worry though, my blog will still be here :D



need to rearrange. need to prioritize.

I'll make sure tomorrow. I'll do what I have to. It's time to let things go and move on.

persevere. Maybe I'm feeling this cause I just watched the pursuit for happiness... or maybe cause I'm seeing the truth. One things for sure I need to get checked.

And my finger isn't getting any better =[ it pops off the knuckle at least once a day and it REALLY hurts =[

I also went painting/bike riding yesterday.... big mistake 6^^

Thanks for some hope leanne, thanks to kenny for the info too! Also viv, stop teasing me =p I can't wait now.



Your account has been suspended until Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:57 pm.

I'm officially gone from BA after today.
I remember when I first came on BA in Late 2004 or Early 2005. Thanks to BlackWaltz or Shadow-Rider at that time for introducing me. I remember Mystic-Shrine. I met Ice_Realm in the first week on BA cause his name was tim too ^^

I went on talking shit and being banned by Lloydy several times throughout my early years for shit talking =p

That's the history I guess. I started the photo-whore threads and plenty of trash threads through out my life time there. Although I may be leaving it, I'm not leaving the friendships I've made. I met plenty of people funnily though. Itachi, sago, halmo, fntc, sn0w, tat01, ice_realm, [sarah] and PLENTY of other people. I'll miss you all, but don't worry, I'm still here; just not on BA.

I hope my contributions to BA made it a better place. The loopy suggestions and shit =p

My last part about BA is my shout outs.

In no order... c4-tiger, asif you can't believe im leaving :p, foxQ thanks for showing me the BA team and stuff, ill meet you soon, ankles, Gosu. ill meet you soon too ^^, mr_zain, keep on shuffling/b-boxing =p love it!, yamite, my sex buddy <3, phoenicks, the things I would do to you, wogstyles, you muzza =p, oscar, too bad i never saw your face, knarl, a saint, zel1nk, my best friend :), frankspencer, you fucking carry. reinnnn, my tree tag buddy =p, chibi_, i'll still read your blog :), sulmar, everytime I'll drink dilmah tea, i'll think of you, spider8], wisprush, whitebutterfly, killer-penguin, halmo, tat01, itachi_sama, [sarah], imnotkat, pure-knight, penknight, lloydy, dux, redfusion, intuition, ice_realm, pr3d, u-238, frequency, dotagod, ryu, dominace, mr-mitch, dotty, fp, dougie, scan, testament, duppy, sil3nt_asian, nissan, adeptfag, perfnoob, prophecy, timmy, d-whined, paul, kyo, gospel, jasond1, hijacker, torpid (thanks for micro lessons), kernalfag, ryan/disrup, phil, shizune, DD, sl33py_Azn, chady, blueberries, jewish_therin, fiyah, xemption, blitz_krieg, eddiexu and ofc my baby.. harodlbishop


Thanks for the fucking good memories :)


Alice's panties. For Sale on eBay

Thanks to sago for the title <3


Been listening to Ayumi Hamasaki and Ophidian again. It's the only trance I got but it sure does increase my micro by tenfold. It's my new secret weapon. Sorry for missing out on the blog post for the last few days. I've been really tired and getting home late and unable to move a single limb let alone type up a random essay/paragraph/sentence/word/letter for people to read.

This week I'm drawing Nazis for my last assignment. YES.

Currently listening to: Ophidian - Do Birds Dream?



2 Hours so far: (I'm a slow worker :( )



My tribute to EggGirl


<3 you eggGirl. Your eggs are awesome.

Thread 404'd in about 5 mins haha



My finger is dead. I tried to flick daniel. I snapped it. It's internally fucked.

My dotA career is over. *Not that it ever started*


My life has ended.


Coffee Table Edition

The last 3 blog posts I just noticed were so repetitive, 3 fucking turtles. Wow.

So today I handed in my Advertisements for "Crusader Crunch" and I believe I wow'd my teachers (Maybe that's an overstatement) but anyway it was pretty impressive for drop-kick400.

So timbo400 got his drawing on and drew more grafitties which he'll upload a little later tomorrow hopefully. It's nothing like staying up til 1am in the morn doing pieces. It's fucking awesome and I'm actually doing something fairly productive.

Man, I was just facebooking today when I saw a picture WHICH WAS AGAINST FB'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS. It scarred my eyes. Oh wait, that is the second time I've seen ******'s cock. God damnit.

And here's my second issue of the Crusader Crunch :)


kkthnxbai /timbo400


Final Ink:

Crusader Bus Ad:

Timbo400 x New Style:

Yeh, it's an early blog (9:03am atm) and I'm fucking tired, but I have to do make faggot homework :(

Anyway I've been pondering over the last few days + coughing up retarded whack shit.. (I'm not sick, I think it's from the cigarettes :/) but yeh, it's been stabbing me in the heart. I can't stopping thinking about it. God damnit. Everyday, you just come up in my mind and I just can't seem to think.

Anyway, enough "deep-fag" blog mode. More quick shit. I gtg finish the rest of my homework due today.

/end timbo400

Turtle part 2.

Thanks to laser44 from Bored Aussies for photoshopping/painting in my turtle! It looks really good and professional! (You even added my signature from the previous images + a border <3)

So today was my first day back at KFC. It was exactly how I left it 1 year ago. Same place, same equipment, same rules... just all new faces. I want to give props to my mates for paying me a visit! <3>

And I just got off the phone (Skype, fuck yes) with my sister. She's totally doing fine and she's having a ball over there! Sounds so exciting! I really am hating this weather in Sydney! I want to be able to rock layers without sweating! What's a windbreaker for when you're using it like a sweatbag?!?!

So my current to do on Sunday (Technically today)
- Finish the Crusader Crunch advertisement regime
- Finish Grace's turtle
- Start Peter Ahn's tattoo

end /timbo400