Marc by Marc Jacobs

Well today I did a lot :/

Well, to be exact. Nothing. The most I did was take a few photos of something that's not mine. I picked up the parcel which contained this quite cool thing. I'd totally wear it too.. If I was a chick.

So it's a Marc by Marc Jacob bracelet slash watch thing. Total inconvenience but total coolness (I prefer my calculator watch) Then again I'm the total fag slash nerd dude. So yeh. First jewellery shot per-say. I set up my light box, got 2 ghetto lamps and a flourotube (Bad idea.) and took photos.

I found my limitations of my lens. Was it me or just the way I was approaching my subject? I'm constantly annoyed at my camera due to it's will to not do what I want it to do. Probably cause of the fact I'm lazy to edit the settings. But yeh, the auto-focus was bugging me, and my fail-eyes mis-judged the focal points of the images.

Anyway I'll end my rant on a better note. I was told today something that made me quite proud of myself. I can feel that my work isn't just for myself (Maybe I'm just selfish) but I guess some one else appreciates the (lazy) work I produce :p. So I like to thank Leanne for giving me that little extra motivation as I type this post.

So here are the final images. The images lose colour as you progress...

Note: Some things to keep in mind when you view the images.
Ignore the tag, As my sister didn't let me remove it cause she want's to keep it "fresh" til she wears it on a good occasion :p (I thought it gave a nice touch on the 2nd image). The last image reminds me of my old days in high school (Old days? This guy thinks he's an old timer?) developing the B&W negatives. I fucked up the focus though, but it gave that grainy effect that you can only get on B&W film developments.

Peace. /timbo400.

ps. I like this new font. No more trebuchet.

The last few days.

This blog accounts the events from Thursday the 25th of September till Saturday the 27th.

All photos and stories are fictional.

So on Thursday, I hit up school to relive some shit... whilst there I met the crews and shit.

I met the RSC year 12s of 2008. Graduates they were to become.

Here is their story.

And Asians? The all look the...

Fail shot:

After visiting school. I went to my present school to finish my assignment which is seen here:

That was Thursday. Friday consisted of early photos at a creepy warehouse then a crazy night at Esta's hotel. The following photos took location a two places. The Warehouse & The Hotel. They are both completely fictional.

The Warehouse:
DSC_3282 by you.

DSC_3316 by you.

The Hotel:
E19BP_019.jpg picture by BuddhaTE0

E19BP_043.jpg picture by BuddhaTE0
Note: Groin stains.

And the next day..
Happy Birthday Esta & Daniel Meridith (October 16th).

We will always be there for you no matter how far it is.

Thanks to BuddhaTEO for the party photos and the Daniel Birthday pic.


Viktor Vaughn is taking too long.

One down... another 3 to go.

And they're all due tomorrow...



Fuck me. Wall-e was quite awesome.

But we all got trolled, the whole audience. All sad when (Warning, spoilers) Wall-E lost his memory...

I mean seriously. Even I felt slight sympathy (No timbo was actually teary eyed but fuck it) Like Disney just made 100 people sad over 1 robot. Good job Disney. I lol'd.

So yeh, after the movie finished I was thinking of possible 34's to be created by such a movie consider the movie consisted of 3 things fuckable. Robots. Fat Humans. Cockroaches. (Maybe 4 if you include the plant) So really unless you're into that shit then I'd find it hard for 34 material. But when there's a will there's a way.

So that concluded my Sat'day. Before hand it consisted of me searching for a GFX card to fix my computer cause I thought I literally fried it. Guess not cause the fag dust got into my computer :/ (I thought I killed the computer with my vacuum cleaner, go figure)

Oh here's some images of me last week:

Rocking the comb shit numsaying?

*Rubbing head in confusion* "How did I end up here?"


Cock Jock

4 day weekend.

1 day down. 3 more to go.


Today was filled with total fucking nerdism. Nerdism at its finest.
Fuck me. Nothing productive besides building a new computer which needs a new hard drive :(

Enough of nerd talk, here's some geek shit.

I have to get my Action Man shots. But I'm way to fucking lazy and I'm just thinking about my new free computer coming in on Caturday. It's a computer that's just as good as the ones I currently have at home. (How does that work?)

Well apparently Mum's Boyfriend's Son went for a walk and found this computer on the side road as the owner didn't want it cause it was "broken" Fuck me dead. This computer is top notch. Anyway so I'm totes salvaging it.

Tonight was quite fun/useless though. Met up with JM, RL and SS. Did a maccas' run but ended up at my old work (ie. KFC) then drove to Eastwood for no reason and then ended at home.


Sorry no images.


CD Cover

3 hours.

2 hours bludging. 1 hour drawing.

He wear a mask to hide the raw flesh...
A rather ugly brother with flows that's gorgeous.


The Apocalypse.

And another day passes...

After a sunny day, after a windy/rainy afternoon, it reaches the peak.

The Apocalypse.


Click the above image to see the proper panorama.

Last night? Mad props to the cats that came. Happy 23rd birthday Andrew Shi.

I'll get more pictures up soon.


Mein Kampf

Sieg Heil!

Listening to: Portishead - The Rip (From Portishead - Third)

Tie a brick around his neck so...

..He drown quick.

Bloody trains. Eastwood to Central. 15 min delay because the fail brakes were smoking like a chimney. It smelt bad and I was in the carriage that was smoking. Probably the smell of ozone + asbestos. I couldn't see the smoke even though people were complaining about it at West Ryde. Fucking sunglasses.

So I've completed the magazine brief. Now we have a CD cover brief.

Redesign a current CD-Cover to make it better.

I'm unsure of what to choose. Currently seeking through my Winamp Library for good "shit" albums if you understand what I'm saying.

I'm thinking:

I do like the cover for some reason, but it could be better? Maybe it's just me.. anyway I'll whip some shit up and hopefully it'll be better =p.

Daily Doodle:

Peace Timbo400.

Ammunition Magazines

Sub Book.

An experimental magazine made by me for college. We needed to create a magazine for a niche market. I chose graffiti; but what made this graffiti different from the rest? I chose black-book images. Thanks to Tony from Carhartt, I got the idea from him.

Thanks to people from Sneaker Freaker for input and mad props to Omlet/Outre for the stock for the double page spread which is here:

And a sketch, 20-30min on a moving train, Central to Clyde:

Oh here's some love for Kozyndan's bunny wave. Purchased for my Sister's birthday. My first present to her that is something useful :p

Purchased from Outre Gallery, Darlinghurst.

Peace, Timbo400

Timbo Reporting On Leopard

Here Here: