My View on Tumblr

I don't know if it's me, but I personally feel that tumblr is a very lazy blog. Although I do have one and I do occasionally use it and I have allocated it as an online digital scrapbook, I feel that it's more of a major mind-map of stolen and borrowed images with the occasional input from other users. There's little personal feeling between the poster and the website (sure, you personalise your website with the content you post rather than the actual site... but that's not the point)

When I'm on tumblr, I don't really feel like posting much, it seems to be rather a convention centre of reposts and recycled matter. People's posts are like stalls that really are a little more deep than your average internet meme or screencaps are generally just lost within the sea of posts with a million notes. Yes, I'm aware I can control who I follow and for that reason I find it hard, cause a lot of the people I follow; I myself re-post from their tumblr's so I don't want to unfollow them, maybe also because I have this blog. Maybe I'm just an elitetess tard, (Well technically no, you're using Blogger to blog rather than Wordpress so that's quite redundant Timothy) but I feel rather other blog systems are more like inviting someone over to your house, they get a little more rather than flashing through other people's stalls at the convention centre.

I'm not totally sure but I guess that's how I feel about tumblr, a seemingly similar cross-over of twitter and your conventional blog... or because the dashboard is similar to twitter, a live simultaneous feed which you interact and feed what you want to others... still somewhere deep down in there, there's great posts but I feel like I'd rather bookmark those. I'm just lazy I guess.

New Desktop Set-Up :)


Merry Christmasses

As the title states, Merry Christmas.

I assure you I have been busy and creating things and/or working. I have recently acquired an iPad from a fellow friend (Christopher Nheu) which has made me stay away from my iMac for several days and probably even a week. It helps me actually be productive when I'm chilling within my bedroom and hermit-ing from society for reasons that benefit both myself and society (For I am not wreaking havoc and being a bad reason for a human being)

This year at Christmas I did feel a little more enthusiastic being that I am able to actually purchase presents for people. People equaling my family and pets. I also did sorta get Grace a present, well not really. I kind of got myself into a little bit of debt after a run-in with the Transit Officers (Damn dirty dogs) who were undercover and had these ridiculous badges on. Which left me into a little bit of a dilemma, I intended to buy her something quite extravagant but instead I was left with nothing but rocks and lint within my pockets. I decided to paint these rocks though and created a pair of rocks that match those from this painting: Blog Link

What came out in the end were two small round rocks, an owl and a fox. I wasn't able to take a photo of either but they're in possession by a special someone.

My present to my Sister.

Vapor's new home.


Decomposed & Re-composed

Happy Birthday Grace. (I'm a day late)
Not a day passes without me thinking of you.

Refer to this for the continuation of the story:



Sunday day and evening was a day to remember. We wined and dined at the Winery, there we had amazing drinks and nibbles which got us all full and content. Just the right level. After we went to Grace's to swim and lounge about as lazy animals during intense games of Jungle Speed.

And my favourite image of the evening. It was like this all day, minimal clouds, sun shining and a slight breeze. The feeling of tranquility overwhelmed me.
I can't wait til Wednesday and Thursday :)


Chill My Firey Heart

An early Christmas present from Mum. Fucken awesome!
(Not really, she brought it home and I just stole it)


Only The Best

The last two days have been long and tiring.

Wednesday I visited the Anna Leibovitz exhibition on at MCA. A lot of amazing work from a worldwide famous photographer who I never knew, (Who I should) We ate lunch at Wynyard before trekking to Grace's rooftop where water fights and Jungle Speed ensued. I napped for a bit then ate at Mamak for the first time! I've been suppose to go there so many times with Hui but about 3 or 4 times that we went to go, they were closed! It was definitely a different taste to the usual meal in the Chinatown area and I would definitely like to try their other plates. I go the Nasi Lemak which is like a traditional Malaysian meal consisting of coconut rice and anchovy sides, hard boiled egg and satay sauce with a bunch of other small things. It was quite nice but I would've liked to try the roti's but for some reason I didn't.

After that Grace and I went to the Manning Bar where we watched 'Girls' with Lukas Godbout (thanks for the hookup!) they were alright but after the first few songs it was quite repetitive. Definitely had fun though :)

Thursday I spent my lucky time with the Mitch and William and the latest Feather member! New member or not she's awesome and I've being hanging with her over the last few months :) Sujin is by far one of the coolest girls I've met. She drove us around whilst we delivered mail to houses. It was an relentlessly humid day making it quite a bad day to hand out flyers and walk for miles but with good company anything can be achieved.

I also missed out on 'Washed Out'! Quite sad but watching Girls the day before is good enough. Hoping to sell my Fixie soon so I can buy that iPad. Yes, you heard me right, Sky-blade is going to be sold. We've had some ups and downs over the last 2 years but you've always been by me. Some of my best memories were with you. My passion for bikes has not died for I still have my BMX and Town bicycle who will both get thrashings this month hopefully. I'll dedicate a post to you Sky-Blade when you do depart :( I have not given up on fixies. My next bike is going to be called 'Dusk'

Every second she's not here I'm thinking of and missing her.


Skin Shows Only So Much

Thanks to Kenny for a wonderful sublime day. I'm still speechless.
Check my Flickr for a bonus photo :) (If you're my friend on flickr)


What I've Been Waiting For...

Nishika N8000 3D Camera.


Vapor Trails

My little fishie has a new name... 'Vapor' Thanks to Jay Em Kay, we now have a new name :)

Things to buy him for Christmas:
  • A new tank
  • A waterscape
  • A mate/sparring partner
Note him next to my computer. On the left of my iMac next to the warm modem and wireless transceiver. He's pretty happy I think! Swims around unlike Vivian's fish :P



A new love. Un-named. I'm unsure of what to call him, I'm waiting to get him a new tank later on this year. Crowned Betta Spenden (Siamese Fighting Fish)


Tragic Nights in Arabia

Long damn night.
Saw a million people. Props to you all that said Hi.
Ended up with more drinks than I had left home with. Staunched a few lads. 
Regret it.
I'm also flickr pro now. Feel free to see all my old photos! (Click on the flickr link on the right)

The photos now are really, really tragic...

Happy Birthday to Chris and Andy! Crazy night and I had a lot of fun!


On Centre Stage

Today I watched Harry Potter and The Banshee Demons of Halloween Pt 1 with lovely Grace and Sujin. It was pretty dark and gruesome. But the best part was when Dobby died. I laughed for some reason. I just can't take his character seriously, he's just such a vagina. He gets jabbed and bleeds. I doubt I'm spoiling anything anyway, because unlike me I guess that majority of the readers would have read the Harry Potter book and if you haven't, have already seen the movie.

After the movie I ran from Town Hall to Oxford St trying to hail a taxi which I eventually did after dodging and punching a few taxis along the way. I ended up at The Forum for a shoot for 'Noggi'. A froyo brand that's hitting Sydney (There's a store in Macquarie Centre). Be sure to check it out!

Also I'd like to congratulate Lisa Lee for 2nd place in the Miss University! I had no idea it was on but I guess you're a superstar :) You looked stunning tonight!


Double Visioning

Check out this baller suit. Combo'd with the stunner shades it un-fuck-wit-able. We spent like a good hour or two at Paddy's. I have not been here since 2006. It's quite shit like always but there's always something interesting, I nearly pulled triggers on a magic card thing. It blew minds. Several minds. Many times over.

Then our crew bar timbo were all wearing Khaki's, it was intense. Here's B1 and B2 on some 3D now you see it now you don't shit. We ended up at Tom & Tom's for some coffee and refreshment action where we talked about impossible scenarios and Zyss. It was fucking juicy.

ALIO was pretty average at best. Never going back.

But you can't mess with good ole Jenga at Norita :)

Tim: 2 Grace: 3 :(

Today during the afternoon and night is Harry Potter at the cinemas and a Job at Fox Studios :)


Supreme Hello

Talk about heat on Jay's feet.

Listening to: Outkast (Front to Back albums)


Mildly Comforted

So here is the next step to making myself a better photographer. Re-lighting the passion. The 35mm I feel is the right lens for me to shoot everyday. It's not too tight and not ridiculously wide. I also got to pick up my Rollei SL82. It's in working order and came with a cool leather case. Definitely going to rock it out this summer! Maybe this could be my transition from still to film. Either way I have an amazing summer to look forward to, sure the Road trip is probably not going to happen but that doesn't set me back from anything anyway. It's just more time to spend with others around me.

Here's a little porn for you all:

And a little test. It's been a while since I've taken a proper self-shot. I feel so damn stupid taking them :P

I cannot wait for Thursday and Friday. Thursday is dinner with Grace at a prime little restaurant. I doubt it'll be that awesome after tasting Gordon Ramsey's set, but hopefully it'll be close. I am also loving the weather, rain can wash away the sunshine and the heat but it can't stop me from dancing in the rain. Going to get some awesome shots in the next 2 weeks in the rain. I just love taking my camera in the rain/water. Knowing that it could be fucked up at any second (Well it's weather sealed...) makes it really fun seeing that everyone else leaves their babies at home. Also setting up a few surprises here and there, tinkering and wanting to build bigger and bigger. New projects are swirling in my mind everyday.

Listening to: The Mountain Goats


What Am I?

Sometimes I'm unsure of exactly what I shoot. I personally dislike shooting certain things to be honest (I won't mention them but most people know what type it is) and truthfully there's only 2 things I love most.

'Candids' and 'The-Everyday'.

There's nothing more satisfying than capturing both. I'm not an arty photographer and I'm trying constantly to improve but after shooting for several years and perfecting nothing seems quite bland from where I stand. I guess it's only upwards from here on in.

Just collecting my primes and now, my poems. I've gone through some old archives of my poems and I think I'll type them out one day. Although most of them are morbid-gore, the other ones make me smile, I can also remember the mood and night I wrote all of them. What exactly was in my mind.

So I'll end this post with this poem that was never finished. I posted it on my blog about 10 months ago, January, I had an amazing entry (Well I think it is) and even til this day I can't finish it. It was dedicated to a friend and influenced by Portishead. Maybe it's suppose to be this short. I cut the other 2 lines because they were filler when I wrote it.

"Bitter taste in my mouth with a swish of wine to clear it out,
The trails of sweat and stains from my veins are constantly gushing out.
The truth pierces my heart; but I can't breath, constantly when I dream,
It's what l feel, your warm touch, the soft kiss, it's all surreal"


The Second It Ignites,

The sparks that form the basis of an idea, the sparks that ignite the passion, the sparks that ignite the cravings from it's eternal rest.
The ravage beast from within reaching out, imagination is not enough to deter the chemicals that make me feel this way.
The subtle smell can make me think of every moment, every second burning instantly.
Trails of vapour and the mist I get lost in, my mind running down the yellow brick road.
The flick, like the way a woman gently whips her hair. Mesmerised as it floats before breaking and disappearing.
The soft warm glow keeps me warmer in the coldest of weathers even if it's a little cherry.
It's long appearance and it's shortening nature, it's thin fragile body to be consumed by the many.
Passed and shared, but now I have something else. No longer are you a necessity but rather just a mere craving.


Crocodiles & Snakes

Crazy Jungle Party on Saturday.
Only thing missing was you... (and Jungle Speed)

Bought a Nishika 35mm 3D camera along with a 35mm f/2D. About to also buy a Hanimex 135mm 2.8 and a Nikkor 85mm 1.8D

Listening to: DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablilized


The Fox & The Owl

I got bored stuck at home without being able to drive anymore. So I made something for Grace.

Gouache on watercolor paper.


No Camera. Sucks.

Having no camera really sucks. I do have a camera but it's a webcam... and I do shoot film, but I'm lazy to develop and scan. I feel bad rambling on without a photo, because the original basis of this blog was to be a photoblog. I've been faithful to it recently but it's really killing me not being able to do so.

I've been to CarriageWorks over in Redfern a few times over the last week and it's amazing. If you do not know about the COFA degree show then you are missing out. I went on Monday and was blown away by it. Taking my mum on Wednesday to the Digital Media night. I can't wait to see the works properly and spend more time on the ones I whizzed through on Monday. Planning to get a little loose also, found all these random drink vouchers, so I'm definitely going to abuse it :)

I nearly bought a 80-200mm today but got outbided, so whatever. Definitely buying a 35mm f2.0 at the end of the week. I can't stand the 50mm anymore! It's a major kit lens and what not but I personally feel that it's so tight and most of the time when I'm shooting for the blog there's no time to compose and frame. The 17-35 is just a little too (Just a little) large to lug around. The best thing about buying primes is the joy and the relighting of my passion of photography.

Some small things and points achieved today, chilled with mother, ate beef rendang, cleaned the mx-5 and visited David Lee and had a Blueberry Fanta/Monaco Bar. Great day to drive topless :giggles:

Anyway here's a photo from Monday night. Grace's flowery headpiece made me nearly as cute as her blushy smile :) 

Followed by drunken photobooth sessions after Sujin dropped me home...

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