Popping the Hips

After months of listening to Trip-Hop, Electronic Instrumentals, Dub-Step and general "indie" shit it's all coming back. I feel the need to vent it out on my blog ha!

I'm started my playlists again and I want to wipe my iPod once again (damn you 4GB nano!) which reminds me I need an iPod that's bigger than 4GB... even 8GB will suffice!

There's so much to listen to on my playlist but I never got around to listen to most of the artists properly, now I'm paying more attention and it's melting my mind. I think Nomak started it but I've just popped.

Hip-Hop 24/7 for the next week I think... 

Except for of course my bed time lullabies. ie. Hans Zimmer. I cannot get enough of the Inception soundtrack, literally it's a mental switch for me to sleep. No matter the time or place if you play it and I start thinking of it (At this moment it's making me teary and yawn a lot) I will instantly get drowsy. The mind training is complete, finally nights of restlessness can be ended with a simple soundtrack.

Time to explore the synapses, genetic algorithms within the mind.


Photos at LoFi

Yay, my photos are up on the LoFi Collective Website


Snares and Winds

Tokimonsta was pretty off the hook! Saw a lot of people that day, was hella chill and met a few new friends. Nice to see you Timothy Isaac Mohan, sorry I couldn't stay around longer. I hope you enjoy Sydney, then again it's hard when you're from Melbourne =p

Anyway TOKiMONSTA was ill live, so damn cute, before she even started spinning I was like "Dayymmnnn" (I must be dreamin') definitely was a sweet day.

No photos really but the next day I met up with Annie, and we rode and rode from Bi-Centennial Park to Rhodes and Homebush Olympic Park. Her friend Henry was also there. Good times :)

That's not me, just a Randy at Monster Skate Park.

Also just bought a new lens, Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 AF-S on the bay for $800

Currently listening to: Nomak, got recommended to this artist by my Padawan. He's definitely sick if you like Nujabes. About to hit up Flylo's new album also.


It's back!

So I'm back online after about 26 hours of having no Mac (I did have online access via a laptop) Oh damn the amount of work that piled up within that time was so ridiculous/coincidental.

So I bought another 4 tickets for TOKiMONSTA, 6 peeps in the Entourage rolling 5 deep son. If you don't know who TOKiMONSTA is then you NEED to peep her steeze on Youtube or here: Click here

Not only is she like Nosaj Thing's counterpart (ish, she's repping the Korean L.A. players, what up?) but she's uber hot. /waves fan in fase

(Her holding a portatax)

Oh Shi~ Yeah you know the drill.


Death of the Mac

My iMac is currently dead so I'm spending pro-longed hours on my couch watching infomercials and midday movies. Damn they're both so fucking cheesy.

I'm actually not stressed that my Mac died, Apple dealt with the problem pretty damn fast and they're returning it within 2 to 4 days. I remember when my PC died and I'd stress for the next few hours pulling my hair out trying to fix the mofo. I cannot be bothered stressing anymore, rather smoke an L and just let the workers do their thing.

So here I am sitting down watching "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" is some type of Disney Adaptation? Holy shit it's so awkward to watch, I'm also pretty sure I can predict every line and scene.

I'll leave you with an image of me as Pepito at Pecy's birthday party, in this image I'm totally smashed.


CMYK Yourself Invitation

Here is the flyer I made:

It's my first exhibition so I hope you can come. I will get totally smashed on the night so enjoy it.
Will also give out Zines and have a few other things to give out :)


Tram Tracks are Whack

It was a damn good day to ride, we rode from Darlinghurst and over the bridge to Lavender Cove and then back to China Town where I ruined my knee. I rode from home to West Ryde before hand and finally put rim tape on my front wheel. 4 months of no rim tape and finally it blows!

Paul nearly fell into the water before doing a front flip on the way to Cockle Bay Wharf where we just chilled until I fucked up my knee. We ended the night with some good ole chicken schnitzels.

Also ate Hungry Jacks stunner deal cause that shit is hella cheap. Continuing from my previous post is also my exhibition. Finally I have something to show after the last few years of bludging and building up something. I feel I'm making something personal and deep, something that's stuck with me for the last 7 years. It's been too long and I love it too much, definitely cannot wait. 

Currently Listening: Citizen Kane - This Is The Mixtape


CMYK Yourself

Busy with this for the last few weeks. Check Facebook for the invite.


Studio Work

Thanks to Sophie and Bella for helping out :)


Put Your Glasses On.

Only if they're Red/Blue(Cyan) ones

Limited to 20 Prints. 


If I would fly, I could.

Studio environment, I can finally do my Martin Schoeller shoot. Potentialz.

Then sunsets and clouds are amazing

Then rolling 4 deep.