Some Next Level Shit!



Up up and away!

Small post. Some inspiration from an image I saw. Made an UP! variant. Also capped.

It's 90% done. Russell from UP!


Smirks & Grimaces

If anyone saw my recent drawings on Facebook, then you might have had seen my "Battle of the Tasteys"

It was inspired by Janet Tan after I drew how I liked Savoury and she likes Sweet stuffs... so I drew them duking it out! The I decided to do some profile images of each character, today I did Pee Wee Pepper.

Pee Wee Pepper is a young assassin who was abandoned by his father (The infamous Cracker) and was raised by Sir Salt Sa'lot. He speaks little but kills aplenty. Fast with his hands, he'll carve you up before you can even sneeze. He's known to sprinkle a little bit of pepper on his victims before cutting them up!
Nicknames: Pep, Peppy, Pee Wee

Whilst making this, I also made another image inspired by some melon talks.. timbo400 presents: The Melon & Friends Club thingymabob! Print it out and stick on your fridge! (That's what Mangos is doing :3) and also I found out Grimace's real identity!

And finally, some Sushi. These plushies and all other plushies (minus the cloud) are for sale! Please contact me  if you would like a plushie here (or a custom one) made!

Listening to: Joy Division - She's Lost Control


Hooks & Splinters

Sats & Sunday, it was a messy day. No sleep on Saturday and then trekking to Bobbin's head for some fishing action. I really want to go fly fishing now :)

I caught 4 fish, Steven caught 2 and Raymond caught 1. There were so many fish jumping outta the water that I must go fly fishing :) We got there at 6am and it was foggy and beautiful. I nearly stepped on a snake and we saw 2 giant lizard things.

I got home and died. The next morning (today) my sister's fish iSnack2.0 died. We watched the last Jason Bourne movie in remembrance. RIP iSnack2.0. I have plenty of painting to continue.

Listening to: Coldplay - In My Place


Fucking Asshole

Few words I can use to explain what I think of you. Thinking back all those years and who I am and who you are... you're a fucker. To think you would do that to me. I was telling my friend about what happened and only then I really noticed what really went down. Mentally scarred. Physically abused. You're a fuck. I'm glad I don't remember you or what you look like. I'm glad we're not friends nor do you know who I am anymore.

Although I won't disclose what really happen and only few will ever know, I can finally say I'm now quite scarred. It's funny when you think back and unravel something you never want to remember again, it's even greater when you find out the twist and reasoning. Pulling on the wrong threads and leaving me naked and embarrassed.

I guess this is probably off my chest and I'm feeling better already (ty Sasha + Rachel :3) I just want to say "fuck you" to you. Shall we ever meet paths, you will regret it.

On a few lighter notes:
I'm planning my first tattoo, nothing too complex, symbolic of lost family and one I keep close. Thinking of wrist or neck.

Listening to: Mos Def
Eating: Toast & Singles Cheese
Reading: Blogs (That's a new!)

Kid Zoom & Beastman

Kid Zoom and Beastman. Pictorial + Captions.

Mays Lane /w Kid Zoom painting live. Some hot shit. Free VB (It's free yo!) and milk crates. Definitely some dope shit.

Then we hit up Menya and had Ramen & Jya Jya Mien. Caught train back to Eastwood which we met Ant. Then I killed my self at DG by painting for about 1 hour in a non-ventilated room. Nearly passed out but got progress on the piece. Then stumbled out and vomited aerosol shit + went home. Classy.

And I got a haircut...


Into The Fog

Fairly productive day. 6/10 on the productivity scale. (0 = Sleep, eat nothing else, 10 = Building the empire state building model and finishing 3 essays)

Today I saw the completion of my sister's donut pillow. It's mega win and it's tops. Worthy of being sold/reproduced. It's way better than Kidrobot's donut.

I spent the day drawing something for kimi. Did a bit of photoshop painting but didn't turn out too well (I really suck at photoshop)

B&W & Coloured.

Then william came over to give me 1500 photos to help process which was fun then I spent a while showing off my newly organised music library. I spent 2 hours removing about 4000-5000 songs I didn't need/hated. Good cull.

He gave me some sick music and movies. "Nosaj Thing" is what I'm currently playing and it's fvcken awesome. Progressive Electronica :3

Tomorrow I'm planning to visit Beastman & Kid Zoom

this month may's brings together two talented artists from opposite sides of australia - beastman (sydney) and kid zoom (perth). get down and check out the result on friday 19 february 2010 6-8pm at may lane, st peters (sydney). more info here -
 It's going to be mad awesome. Free grog, how can I say no? Kid Zoom, one of my favourite Aussie Graffiti artists and Beastman, a great photographer and painter.

Listening to: Nosaj Thing - Drift (Album)
Sewing: Skulls
Playing: Scribblenauts (ty ty kimi!)


Tired as hell, after adding a new harddrive I killed my computer ~__~ but today I resuscitated it. So yay! It's working better than ever. Making my 3rd plushie which is going to be for Tony Le :3

Inspired by the Mexican's "Day of the Dead"

My sister is making an awesome donut pillow which I'll post pics of soon ^__^

Jae-Hee and Janet came over to check out my blue room and read Vice. I was so dead so I just spaced out into infinity. I'm still tired and waiting for  Raymond/Hieu to come over and have kebabz.

Eating: Rockmelon and Cheesecaeks
Listening to: The Album Leaf - Window


Plush Yeeeee

Last week seemed to be drawing week, this week I've drawn little to none...

But instead I've made plushies, so I guess I've redeemed myself?

Also here's my famous poached egg /w salmon :3 (Covered in dijonnaise/mayoz)


Quick Postage

Ahh I don't normally like to post twice in a day but if it must be done, it shall be done.
I made my first plushie/softie for my sister. =3 It's an egg if you cannot interpret the image I have shown you.
Credits to quexthemyuu on DA for the tips and pattern.

Edit: I gave it to my sister! Here's how I did it.

My sister was coming home and I opened the door for her, as she was stepping in walked to the kitchen and asked her

"Are you hungry? I cooked some eggs for you!"
"Wtf tim? I just came back from dinner"

I came up to her with the pan and shoved it in her face, at first she was like "WTF? FOOD NOW?" but when she saw it I was happy :3 I think her heart melted a bit (even though it's quite shitly sewed)

I think I was successful :3 Here's some done by Jae-Hee! (They were done while I was doing mine xD)

 Plushies by Jae-Hee!
I also promised a friend to post some images. I love his banner contributions to BA, and I'm pretty sure he loves me too.

You make me proud to be on BA LOL

Articles of Win

Here's a little few things that have been on my mind to show to you, the beloved reader. They're beautiful items that relate to me/my life. I love them, they may be old, may be new but they have sentimental values. Nostalgic and warming.

The first thing to show is my Stussy ring. I'm pretty sure I got it back in late 07/early 08 from a lovely girl named Iantha (Bimbhoe) it's our friendship ring. Except back when she gave it to me, the ring was unscathed and plated in silver. For about 10 months I wore it day in and day out until I lost it one day whilst spray painting at the Harbour Bridge *I thought* and from that day on I didn't see it. As you would be, the other partner of the friendship ring would feel like it was broken, the seal of the relationship is torn. It cannot be anymore. I was pretty sure iantha was pretty sad I lost it ~__~ 

5 months later, one afternoon I cleaned up my room and directly underneath my bed was my ring. I was so astonished that it was there, was this magic/fate/destiny or just my stupidity/clumsiness? (It was obviously the latter) so I quickly informed iantha of such happenings to her relief. From here I kept wearing it, and the more I wore it, the more it would get scratched & damaged from my recklessness. Mid-late 2009 I decided the silver needed to be removed, the silver ring was showing through the brass scars of being worn everyday. I polished the silver off and now all that's left is a brass ring. My friend told me I should coat it in a matt black but I think I like it the way it is. The brass gets dull and mouldy like if I don't wear it, an indication of me wearing it is if it's nice and shiny. Although we may not see each other often, I make sure it's always shiny =3

And here it is, in all it's glory. Still worn day in and day out.

 The next item on showcase would be my Metal Gear Solid 2 - Raiden figure. I bought this a fortnight ago at Rozelle markets for a bargain of $4! (Weow!) Now, I never really had figurines or anything but this figure just makes me remember of the hours I spent on Metal Gear Solid. It's probably one of my favourite games, from the story mode to the VR missions, this was one badass game. 

From Dusk til Dawn, my eyes would be wide open trying to finish this game. The replayability factor was awesome. The easter eggs. The challenges. Fuck it was awesome. 

And so I have this figurine. I can't wait to get the rest because they're definitely worth it. I'll unbox them one day. When I get the whole collection and have my own glass cabinet to play with. It'll be hella G.

Thanks for reading this whole article if you did. 
Listening to: The Album Leaf - Broken Arrow
Dinner: Rice /w Vietnamese Beef
Drink: Homemade Lemonade /w a dash of lime
Blog notes: Yay! I have helvetica as a font choice now! ^__^


New Blog Layout!

Woot! I've finally created a new blog layout that's easy to read and easier for me to blog + read your blog! (Assuming that you have one) It's nearly done, just having some minor technical issues, but it also features my twitter and other junk :P

My portfolio will be up soon and there's actual pages that aren't so clumsy. (I knew a lot of people hated my old site) This new one is nice and bright. Credits to Klodian for the original layout. I've been spending quite a bit of time doing small edits.

And now it's done (Michael Chen fixed it for me whilst I was typing this)

So it's 95% done. I want to thank Michael Chen, and every reader out there. Especially Bao Kim, Lisa Lee, Leanne and Jasmine :3 S2!


So Sweet

Looking at this image makes me warm *in the pants O.O*

Nah, I think I like it because of the monotone + the girl riding the bike :P but still this weekend will reflect my personal life. Yeh boiii. Work and a wedding. How romantic. ~_~

*Mad sigh*

Today was hella unproductive. Although I did buy a new lense a few days ago, I'm excited to receive it tomorrow! I also really want to meet my KK and give him/her my KK present ^_^ make me feel a little less lonely LOL. Everyone is overseas or something... never felt so shitty, especially sitting at home doing jack shit.

Things I want:
iMac 27"
Macbook of any kind (surfy the internets!)
160GB iPod
and some White Deep V's with white/silver spokes.
And you :) (Non creepy message ._.)

And here's an awesome image not shot by me:


Tilt, shift and stretch

I want a Tilt Shift ~.~

Some Artdates...

Get it... update > artdate?

Ok lame. I just want to tell the readers and show them some updates.

I'm on a huge roll. This is the biggest roll of drawings I have ever done in my whole life... I'd rate it over my time I spent a whole week sketching pieces...

Anyway, on Sunday I got my Kris Kringle present.. my KK was Susie! Aww she's so sweet T^T. I hope my KK present will live up to the glory of hers! A cartridge pad + Lindt chocolate ._. My mums was even like "omg so sweet, this chocolate is so sweet" :P

Anyway here's some updates... the ones you see on facebooks aren't the finals :P

"Flying High Over Cloud Nine" (I was REALLY glazed)
"Outta Breath"
"Self Portrait"
And a WIP



Well as some people would know, I've been slaving away trying to improve my drawing skills and such. Today was a new record. 3 finalised images produced and a drawing. I'm so happy and excited ^__^ (Note excessive use of smileys and such)

So I think this will be my new antidote to my gaming habits. Definitely a good new start to 2010.

Last night I hung out with Kenny Son, that was chilled and we watched Pineapple Express. It was ok, I'd rate it level with the Hangover (Both of which I enjoyed, but some how I didn't get that hyped over it at the ending, ie. OMG you have to watch _____!)

Some extra background information: I drew the images (Battery love and the next few) in church so yeh it was fun. Kimi was probably like "wtf is this freak doing" with me smiling randomly or cursing (My bad! @.@)

Also in the last image is a stick figure drawing which inspired me to draw until I got it right. I normally give up after 1 or 2 hours of failing.. but this time I kept going. So I guess my persistence won.

"Nazi Fantasy"

"Oil Spill"

"Rules of Attraction"

And finally "Mimco Girl ft. Janet Tan"

Thanks for the inspiration guys! Much s2!