Desktop Screenie

Any Different?

So I'm just tinkering and customizing my iMac so it's how I like, at the moment it's pretty crazy and damn cool. I'm loving everything about it (except the stupid iTunes problem... which has me sorting through 10,000 songs to delete duplicates :/ ) other than that It's pretty cool like I said previously. 

I've installed Adobe Master Suite CS5 and am yet to use it properly but will this week, I've also installed Lightroom 3 Beta 2, it's really damn cool, the first thing I see is export to flickr! WOW, instant win and success to win me over. I'm totally sold. Lightroom > Aperture and I'm yet to use Aperture (Sorry Aperture fans)

I'll see how faggy I become before I cop iPhones and iPads. iPhone shall be in possession very soon though I hope :)

For now, I'll leave you with some photos I'm able to easily find since my computer no longer lags.

Some photos I found that I liked :)

A Self Portrait

Yours truly,

Now Listening to Royksopp


iMac from Heaven

iMac 27" i5

It's perfect


Galactic Puddles

What a wandering day.

Met a few people today. The guy in the last picture is wearing a plastic bag on his head to stop his dirty hair from getting wet and cleaned by the heavy rain. I think he's storing beef jerky or some type of dry product there... and yes he's picking the crabs from his groin to accompany the jerky flavour. Crabby Beef Jerky.


Some Rolling & Shit

Ah it's been a while since I've actually gone out for the sole purpose of taking some photos, it feels good especially when you find some gems or new places. I went for a stroll my area and the photos below are some of the things I found.

I'm also about to get my iMac 27 inch this week (Finally!) so I'm quite excited and to celebrate I'm procrastinating by playing DotA (I downloaded/reinstalled on Friday) to kind of depart from my PC. There are some good memories but I think I can finally say I'm about to quit it.

Currently got a case of Beatlemania


Destined to not ride?

Wow, after getting my new wheels I pop the rear tube... after buying a new tube I pop another tube.. the front... I also cannot remove the old cog to put on the new wheel. Heaps cool man. After I replace the front tube I ride to Parramatta and then I lose my chain link clip.. I think God wants me to not ride. Period.

I've named him "SkyBlade I"

Cause he's gangster like that. He's currently missing a chain... :(
I'm also sick, I have the common cold and need to soldier on T^T


Week of Words

I can't really explain myself at the moment. It's too confusing the balance between joy and becoming a complete mess. I'm currently in a project where I'm having my photo taken once a day for 7 days. I think I'm deteriorating. There's so many things to do, I'm spending a lot less time online, days seem to steamroll through without a single thing being accomplished. It's a stalemate. I need a breath of fresh air to clear out this shit. My mum found my cigarettes. I haven't heard a thing mentioned yet, but I want them back, really cannot be fucked buying a new deck in 24 hours of buying one. Please do not sift through my clothing. Fuck sake.

My wheel's are coming in this Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Death, open your arms,
Welcome me to your warm enclosure;

Take me to the depths of eternity.

Listening to: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (from their latest album Heligoland)



My Mum's birthday dinner. Wagyu beef, mash, sweet potato chips, rocket salad with figs, baguette with ricotta and lemon zest. It was so tasty! We finally got a new home phone and I fixed the line (Good ole soldering ion

Not currently mentally stable.

Listening to: Doom - Absolutely
Definitely starting to feel DOOM's latest album a lot more. I'm listening to a lot of new shit.


List of Wishes

Not a big one... to all my fellow viewers even though I'm a stingey motherfucker, here is my wish list:

That is all.