Photoblog 20.

Photoblog #20.

The 20th Post.

Here are some updates finally from my camera. I am confident to start using RAW on the Nikon.

My images are quite old, then span from Early April til today.

Other shit:

Today I woke up waiting for Dylon to ring, so I gamed till 10:30. That was about 1 hour of intense cs_office style. Knifing. Like I say on CSS, I invented knifing, all new cats on the block never believe... Until I take a team down. Don't fuck with the CB-|SMG cunt ok?

Followed by this was quick Nutri-Grain gobbling and then a BMX ride from my house to UWS Parramatta campus to deliver a Sydpreme shirt to a Dylon's mate (Yes, I still have some left :/)

The mash back killed me. I was puffing worse than doing fucking Palisade. Fucking lame.

Besides that, my day consisted of listening to mate Lawrence rap and me trying to bust a freestyle which I reckon I got pretty far even though it was shit.

On to my agenda...

So today's agenda of sneaking into Fashion thing after school failed cause Candice chickened out, I'll try tomorrow since I also have my Photoshoot to go to.

I am also looking for a place that does 8 by 12 inch printing, quality over quantity shit. (Holla)

Things are starting to slowly turn out a bit better. *Touches wood*


Coo. Pix. Peeps.

So confused.

Oh fuck it's hard just fucking updating this bitch.

Anyway, I've decided to be more independent and doing random shit.


USYD or COFA? That is the question...

I'm not sure if I have to re-apply in UAC... *lame*

Either way, I reckon both would be dope.

Update: Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to sneak into the Fashion Week and cop shit (Ie. handbags I saw them handing out today)

I'm on a new canvas painting which is cool (Well, in my head yes) But I'm unsure of how to approach it. Going to Flickr mad shit.

Clue: Clouds. Poles.

My agenda:
Wednesday: Sneak into Fashion Week.
Thursday: Mum's Birthday, Ironman releases in cinemas (download ASAP), FreshIn Photoshoot.
Friday: Plant shit is due at school.
Saturday: Paint shit.
Sunday: The Run

I've also got some totally new goals.

PS3 + Grand Theft Auto IV (Hint hint for my upcoming birthday)

The game is rated the best of the decade (Well in my mind yes)

I cannot wait to play it, it'll take me weeks and months to explore every nook and cranny. It'll force me to buy a HDTV, it'll force me to do so many things.

Hopefully I get a job soon to afford it.

And here is something to leave you guys with. A dope song from my friend Eimy Pham.

Her group is "HH" and the song is "Where William Went"


Back Online

My gosh, I've been offline for a lot of things for quite a while!

I've stopped deviant arting for nearly 6 months and a lot more!

I've decided to restart my DA times and hopefully be able to sell prints when I am a better photographer.

My Hitler portrait has also been getting good feedback *smacks moth* (I literally smacked a moth just then)

So from this day forth my active "blog" style sites is here, Flickr and DeviantArt.

Woo! Hopefully when I get a Vid Cam I might YouTube :p

*On topic of moths, there has been a random epidemic of moths inside my house, I kill at least 2-3 a day and they keep spawning back! Either these moths are self rejuvenating beasts or there's a fucking nest in my house! I'd rather them be self-rejuvenating cause then that'd be kind of cool.

Should I pull out the Mortein? (Fuck be don't even have Mortein! We have BAM or some whack shit that you can't smell... ie. IT SUCKS! The worse it smells, the more poisoneous it is, the better!)

This rainy weather also really sucks. I need to ride.. BUT noOOoo a busted tube = no riding.

Sucks to be Timbo.


FS: Portrait of a leader.

Portrait of a leader.
A killer.
A messiah.

For Sale is a Acrlyic on canvas painting of the world famous dictator Adolf Hitler.

The painting is by me done recent whilst in a bad mood. The painting is dated and signed by me.

Canvas is yet to be measured (Approx 40x60, portrait)

Price is TBA (Enquire within)

More pictures can be taken if you're interested as this photo was taken at night with flash as I finished the painting.



I fucking love fondue. I don't have a fondue pot, nor do I have the little fondue forks. But I make my own anyway.

I microwave tasty cheese with some butter and dip toast in the melted cheese. I think it's so kickass. I can go through a whole loaf of bread without feeling hungry and still eat a 1 pound steak (not really)

Fondue, it's a magical thing that I reckon is more of a gimmick probably from America or Mexico.. those cheese loving cvnts.

I like fondue like I like nachos. It's fucking awesome.

Edit: Newsflash. After being so interested in Fondue, I wiki'ed it and it came back with info that it's from the Swiss... Damn those Swiss bastards, they make everything shitty useful. Like a toothpick in a knife! that also has scissors, file, tweezers and nowadays a usb stick.

On with my random talk is my current addiction to Diablo II - Lord Of Destruction.

I am nerd at heart. I am the kid that gets fat at his computer and his skin becomes a pasty white nearly as those of cottage penis cheese. Yes, that is me.

Anywho, D2 is awesome, I'm hooked on replaying this game so I can find those "rare" items and then give them away. Seriously. That's what I do.

I spend hours finding "rare" or unique items in this online game and store them in other accounts and wait for "noobies" to come and scab them off me. Is this a fail approach of being wise/"omg he's so 1337"? Probably is. I hand those items down like the other older D2 kids handed me some "rare" shit a few weeks ago. It's a vicious cycle of addiction. And I'm in it. GG no Rmk.

Oh yeh, before I forget.. 1 Month til my birthday.

What is apparently planned is 17th of May = night at Famous (I didn't pick the joint and it's with my oldest friend so should be good) Drinks are apparently on the house... you know the rest.

Not much else is planned besides I want to finish my "hipster" aka Fixed Gear by then, get my P's and do my next piece which is pretty cool. I made it about 3-4 hours ago, just scribbling on paper and I pulled probably the best "M" I've personally think I've ever drawn. It's pretty special to me.

Yeh. Few words on it: Monotoneous, Gothic, Black, Graveyard...




Padawan Styles

Golden Gates

Be there!

This friday is Another Inch Party! Go Go Go!

Anyway some updates, I've decided to also actually blog rather than just posting images/photos.

So the last few weeks:
- SemiPermanent 08
- North Sydney x Sunday Run
- Diablo 2

So SP 08, It's my first SP Conference so I didn't have high or low expectations. At first I thought it'd be like a convention joint but then conference kind of changed that so it left me with no idea considering I've never been to a conference of this size. I went with my college mates and Humga so I didn't feel too left out. That was Day one. Top Acts were to Life Lounge and Debaser IMO. Spencer Platt's joint was inspiring as a amateur photographer he explains a lot about his job.

Day 2 was alright even though I only stayed for session 2, missed Pixar. I <3>

After that I went to the stoop to be spray painted by inch.. which later came to be annoying when I had my second "major" (Wasn't major, minimal blood and flesh) which happened in quick to slo-mo unlike my first stack a few weeks ago. This time I was going hard on the Town Hall tiles which is a NO-NO. With shit tyres and brakes the rear tyre just let go and bam the next thing was my head banging on the ground, my deformed body sliding across the front of Coles Express Bakery and the "audience" of asian girls going "O-M-G" in their langauges.

Skin was ripped, flesh was bruised. But nothing great to brag about besides the experience.

And that was Saturday BTW...

Sunday 6/04/08.
The Flugtag SUCKED, yes it was funny.
No that atmosphere WAS SHIT.

Well, my FAM BAM and I reached the area around 12:15, 1.15hours late... so shit would be started long time gone. Crowds were fucking unbeleivable, Boats were blocking the way... fuck and no RedBull blondes! WHAT RED BULL EVENT IS THAT?! I saw MORE V cans than RedBull (No Joke) Anyway I fucked off to The Stoop and chilled.

We rode to North Sydney. An Epic ride of Hills that'd shit on the Himilayas (Not really) Getting to the Ramen joint was a test of the BMX Vikings, We ride and ride into the distance... blah blah blah. I'm just really amused by the "DethKlok - The Lost Vikings" which reminds me of my old "Lost Vikings" days. That game was the fucking SHIT!

Back on topic, Harbour Bridge 0 - BMX Bandits 1. HA! This Ramen joint was top notch though, Riceballs the size of mini melons for like $2! DAMN THEY WERE GOOD! and my spicy pork stock ramen was the SHIT!

Anyway we bombed the NS hill near the NS station and apparently we reached 50Km which is fucking epic. We rode to Circular Quay to watch Roj ride the Opera Stairs only to be kicked out THEN me get pwned by the fucking gutter... Timbo 0 - Gutter 1. Now I have 2 bikes in the store room with the back tube blown... fuck.

Diablo 2 - LOD.

I am officially addicted. Bored Aussies Realm. Paladin. Timbo. Level 27 as of now.
Officially a nerdeekreak.


So here are some more snaps..
Some Pasta:

Free Sprite @ CQ in class

Pizza (Tasted like shit + no toppings :/)

Earth Hour:

Burton Bandits - Sunday Run Shots