Fuck flickr...


It's shit.






Really bad shots for a really bad project.

And a bad conceptual word thing to accompany them:
Spoons” whether as the physical object or the physical action, were the theme and motive of our photos. We took photos that depicted both the normal and abnormal uses of spoons and anything in relation to the spoon.

I started off taking literal images of spoons and tried to capture spoons, the beauty of them. The shiny reflective metallic objects that we seem to ignore as we use them and acknowledge them subconsciously.

After taking images of the literal images, I thought a little deeper. An image of a spoon does not technically have to have a spoon in it. I drew a “light” drawing of a spoon and it represented my affection for spoons. The delicate and smooth trails of light similar to the smooth surface and delicate mirror finishes on many spoons.

Then in the recent week, I thought of several concepts, the shape of the spoon, the pun of a spoon and how the spoon can be used for other purposes than just as a utensil for food. The photographs each represent the spoon in their different “forms”. The ladle, a large version of a spoon some would say. The shadow of the spoon, that spoons are just shapes and objects that have that similar pattern that we can all distinguish. The mirror spoon, upon closer inspection, a spoon can have more than one use and finally, a bowlful of spoons. Ironically that the spoon is inside the bowl, as if it were the food to be eaten.

The spoon is a manmade object, and like every other object within modern day society, there is a deep and long history or reason to why they are the way they are. We only acknowledge them subconsciously as we use them daily, automatically taking the required utensils to eat or prepare a meal. Do we tell ourselves that we need the spoon? Or do we automatically process the thought, similar to driving a car. It funnily enough sometimes seems that in our lives “there is no spoon”.


Happy Birthday Jasmin


I got bored xD

Yeh, I know what I made is REALLY half arsed =[

But yeh, I've been busy with my latest cool assignment. Create something. Anything, so I've decided to make something worth adding to my portfolio, a magazine. 2 stones with one bird right?

So here is a preview: (Note: html colours are WAYYYY off)


Jasmine Lee inspired me to add more to this blog. So here it is xD
Congratulations to starting your new blog (change from xanga right? :p )



I ate rump steak. Ordered it "rare".. it came out fucking cold in the middle.

Fucking cvnts.

Anyway, not much happened today besides future possible clothing articles to be acquired.


This one seemed a bit too plain.. still you get the picture.



Today I rode from Eastwood and Back. No stops both ways (besides traffic lights)

Mashed it hardcore. I'm proud of myself. Although I was not as tired when I was riding my BMX.

Currently building confidence on emergency skids and also trackstanding.

It's also my birthday, I don't feel any thing new besides the untimely decaying of my flesh.

Happy Birthday timbo. (Please give me presents by commenting this post :) )

Here's some art:


Movie Scene Script







There Is No Spoon

Spoons > Forks. It's true.

Please join this group. "Spooning"

If you're a fan of spoons (Not sporks, spoons) and/or spooning (includes if you use spoons whilst spooning) then this flickr group is perfect for you. Upload images that show your love for spoons. What is life without spoons? It's be a forkful of happiness (eg. Nothing)

I've come to enjoy experimental drawing today. I was slightly baked so I guess the amusement factor was increased.

And as I write this post I'm watching a sex scene from Supernatural. Damn fuck yeh.





Note to self:
Assignment to self. Cannot be fucked writing it in diary.

Computing Class Friday. Cameron Fargo
Assignment 2 - Design

Postit Stamp/Cd Cover/Poster/MagazineCover/

1. short paragraph about your idea
2. at least 2 imags
a) .psd showing layers
b) .tiff flattened print ready (Adobe RGB 1998)
3. 1 print to size
4. 1 cd. containing all files used and including #2 (Include font files)
5. firm deadline
6. use of adjustment and fx layers
7. colour correction
8. use text/typography
9. effort.

Due Date: Due June Week 12. TBA. Firm Deadline.

Thoughts on project: Probably a magazine, use of indesign possible? Ask Cam. Movie poster? Typography is important. Sausages, Cheese. Indesign yes.

- Pixel Art Magazine.
- Pixelnation



Man so yeh, It's time for me to pull shit back together once again.

Mum being afk from home has made me maybe not independent but definitely lazier. Haha. (I'm not sure how that works, but who cares)

So I've been doing "experimental drawing" It's the epitome of WHAT THE FUCK. I mean we draw ourselves breathing. No not ourselves breathing, let me rephrase that. We draw our "breaths" via lines. The length of the lines determine the length of our breaths.... and that was last week.
This week was all about frottage (lol) we were "rubbing" the marks of the ground and all this weird fucking ritual bullshit. I hate you experiemental drawing. I hate you with a passion.

Although it does build a BIT of concept.. other than that.. fuck you.

And now I'm tossing up between computer drawing and life drawing...

So some other updates. I went to Chen's house (Chen) since he's constructing our new website! He's fvcken awesome! Although I don't have updates, all I can say is that it's very professional and awesome ^^.

So yeh. I'm riding once every few days which is good. Going to sketch some stuff too! Hopefully I can develop my old sketching style! :D (I miss it so much T__T)


Happiest Day Evar.

1. Mum's home.
2. Uncapped.
3. Didn't Die.
4. Motivated.
5. Admin again.
6. Admin again, but now with more powers.
7. Heartsprung.
8. Feels like blogging.

9. Inspired by new FP&D website.
10. Is feeling too happy to give a fuck.