Straight Back

Ok now I'm back from Melbs (Arrived at Parramatta @ 6:30AM)
Totes kinda recovered so yeh... any plans for tonight?

Well like my FB status states "YO he's so pringles. hitting up jesses tonighttttt-taaaa...."

Yeh, that means timbo is fucking hitting up Jesse's joint and going to get /wasted.

Fuck the city on nye. Fuck public trannies (you know them hoes that got dicks and you fuck in public) and fuck the trains.

3 2 1 til apocalypse GOOOOOOO

(Note: This is a quick post for the people that may read my blog if they're doing nothing at home during NYE-night, raise your hand if so.. dw I've done it before)

Will post properly tomorrow and shit.

Holla. /timbo400

Quick Post.

One quick post before I do the mandatory timbo x melbourne trip yeah?

Time to see the boys in burn city. Preparing to cop a pair of A.P.C's (Petite Standards)

It's going to be a shit 14 hour ride =.=



These are totally worth mentioning :3
They're the hottest pairs since the Loreak's...

Totally worth 80Aud..
Time to wet your pants!

(I reckon these would do Leanne proud!)


My fvcken Bad..

Ok, I thought I was going to get away with it but obviously not.

Procrastination strikes in all forms, not just during study. Arg.

I've have no feedback from my blog for the last few weeks so I thought "no one reads it" =.= I assumed wrong! My good friend last night told me whilst I was in bed with headphones on (I was listening to him over ventrilo)

"Dude, wtf at your blog" and I'm like "People still read it?"

Omgosh. I'm so stupid.

So here I am, early morning hitting up the blogs... (7:39am as I peer at the computer clock)

Well since my last blog there was a crazy rollercoaster ride that hit every main city within the european district. Along with that was mild consumption of Alcohol and to be honest a bit of green. So yeh... here is a small portion over the next few days of my life in Korea/Europe..
The Black Bar - Incheon
Gate 110 - To Paris
Business Class :3
Love Paris.


In Korea

My first blog post overseas.

Oh my god it's so awesome in Korea! I met Marie (From NLCC) on the plane :P

Anyway it's hella cold but I'm loving the atmosphere. Girls are so desuuu desuuuu.

I can't say much more but I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow morning <3

Thanks for reading and I'll hope I'll update this soon!

/peace timbo400


I'll see you in 26 days. I'll try to blog in Europe.

Keep safe. Peace out.


Like a pair of crutches.

It's been a wild last few weeks with lots of regret. I cannot share with you faithful readers but I am going to be truthful after this post :P

I must admit, it was a bit of a charade. I couldn't let go, I was somewhat insecure? I'm still unsure, it's quite a blur. I guess I let go of the crutches. I feel relieved. Although it's only a single step towards you, I am confident it won't be the last.

I also reformatted my computer so that's really fun/nice addition. Also I have my passport + boarding tickets for the EuroTrip. I might have said this but I have booked a luncheon at one of Gordon Ramsey's kitchens. Hopefully he's cooking and I can be sworn at the guy that's got a license to curse. I might also be going to Legoland. It's been a childhood dream to visit such a place. I would rate it over Disneyland/World (That place never really got me :/)

I've also been doing some sketches and would love to share but they're quite embarrassing.

Peace /timbo400




Slow Crawl.

Fuck. I'm currently slowly starting to stress. Timbo stress? LOL WUT?

Well lucky me leaves everything to lucky last minute.

I have my passport that NEEDS to come in ASAP. I need to do a 1500 word essay on 19th Century Art (Which sucks the balls, since I only like 20/21st) and now on top of this all I'm forced to sell my old camera (Which I don't want to sell)

Well to settle stories, my passport was lodged this week finally. I leave for Europe on the 21st of November. I need my Passport ASAP to book the tickets and the Korean stopover. Fuck my face.

Then I have a 1500 word essay which I obviously have not started. It's really pissing me off atm. I need to pass it to pass THAP Theory Classes. Then I have to re-pre-enrol since I failed 2 subjects first semester. Fuck. Theoretically I'm fucked.

And I'm selling my Nikon D70s. Yes you heard me right. I just clocked up a $300 bill and need to pay my Mum ASAP before anything else goes down. So I'm going to be missing a body. :/

I'm not in the mood to post photos anymore. Fucking internet and optus. You're suppose to be the godsend that people relate to when they notice and find out Telstra sucks the megacock. You're not suppose to join the imperial forces of the Darkside and fuck us over. Fuck you. Fuck you and your fucking shitty evil scheming plans offered to us. Fuck you and your fine print (Which I read lol)

Listening to: Cosmic Gate - Open Your Heart
Drawing: New style of drawing that I think might be permanent.
Eating: Nothing. Stomach acids and bile are eating the linings.
Feeling: Dirty and fiending for a ride out. Also a smoke.

Selling: Nikon D70s (9000 Shutter Count) + 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 DX/AF-S lens (Boxes/Manuals Incl' and other shit/ACC) $400 ONO

Fuck you and your clique.

"To Awaken and Disturb the Peaceful"

Deep, deep into the cavities of what some would call my mind,
With latex I grab and hold onto what I can find;
De Ja Vu it cannot be, for this vision I have not seen,
Through the archives and shelves the dust remains,
Pacing alongside the walls where I have not been;
Take a book and start to read, the past of an evil deed,
Complex and faded was the thought, darkness was what it brought;
Like a razor blade in my mouth, the axe in the head of my spouse,
Echoes in the hall of a pest, quieter than a mouse;
Slow spreading disease, festering on my wounds,
Maggots enter and leave as they please, suffocating alone in my tomb.


My beloved bike



I went to Granny Smith, I made a Pie, I had Katsudon, I had fun at NLCC.


Facebook Place

Oh wow, the facebook guys really know how to have an awesome working environment!

And here's an Awesome video. It's not stop-animation. It's a whole new animation style similar to flip book.


Cell Groups

in reverse chronological order...

I love my cell group :3



Sweet smell of incense. Soft touch of graphite. Sticky grey rubber. Hands darkened from rubbings. Heart-warmed by the beautiful pianos.

The mellow raining nights that bring me to my instincts, I cannot but only draw for it is so moving.