New Blackbook Drawings

Mouse Trap

Rah! It's an Ambush!

Thursday night was a great night. Thanks to Qwux and the Rah collective kids for helping create a great book and hosting a fun night (Well thanks to Ambush for that!)

Heaps of the kids came out to support the locals and reppin' the Wood was Chris Yee and his baller as always work.

Gouache Gouache Gouache

I love the name and the medium. I hit a blank wall for about an hour but in class I got my juices flowing again.

American Psycho followed by Stuart Bailey, Nick Boerma and then Scott Blume.

Rah! Book Launch

Today I received a very cool book. It's my first published work alongside many other artists. If you're interested in copping one, come to the launch party this 18th of August! I'm so jealous Chris Yee is on the poster! He has a double page spread and is featured in the exhibition on the night!

Here's a little sneak peek/teaser :)

Fly Away With Me.

Gouache on Watercolor paper. 2011
For my love.

Matchsticks By Timothy Duong

Gouache on Watercolor Paper. 2011

Matchstick Men

After my last background done in gouache, I've really grown a little liking to painting little match sticks. So today I went out and bought a packet of 'Black & Gold' Safety Matches, they're not as classy and original like Red Heads but I'm not going out of my way to get matches in a different hue.

Pretty much a 1:1 painting although with slight emphasis on the body and lighting, I've started this line up of matches. Can you match the matches with the matches? It's a WIP but it's very clean and I'm really liking the way it's turning out.

Stoned Fox Part 2

Part one:

After the test shot of the stoned fox, I've re-done the background properly and produced a new more uniform wallpaper like finish. Using the same wallpaper and gouache over 2 sessions I've ended up with this:


Going to test it a second time with the D7000 and a new camera to test it is the Canon 5D MkII since I'd like to shoot it 1080p @25P.

Some more updates of sketches, here pictured is Stuart Bailey, one of my teachers and Phillippa Griffin, a fellow colleague at SCA. Both inspirations to improve my work.

Also I'd like to announce the winner of my little posting competition is David Lee. I used a random number generator to choose a number between 1 and 4 (Each number representing the posters respectively) Congratulations David Lee! Ha! Rigged son I tell you! Mafia auto-wins also!

Stoned Fox

My room smells of ashtray. But it was definitely worth it after William Suen helped me brainstorm for a scene on how to improve it and what not. At the moment this is only a test but it's just to show you I've progressed.

At my current rate I doubt it would be finished in time for the TropFest deadline but I'll be happy when it's done :)

My last significant post on it was in February.

Sizzle - Stoning Scene Take 1 from Timothy Duong on Vimeo.

I'd like to thank William Humga Suen and Grace Tan for all the help and brainstorming even if this is just a test shot, it's better than nothing!

Shameful Plug, Win Keith Haring!

I was having a conversation with my mate David Lee about blogs and photography, finding out how to improve in both fields. It struck me how much readers and followers matter to me to keep up this blog, without you reading I wouldn't be writing. I tend to OCD over my website stats watching how many hits I get since I'm not any more special than your average internet user but I envy talented bloggers whose sites get so many hits (Well they are talented! And talent needs recognition) and it makes me wish I was a prodigy at something even if it's something weird cause I know that there's a niche crowd on the internet. So I'm trying to pump out more work and write more as some would notice from the influx of posts from my neglected blog.

So this post? It's not just a ramble about how I crave attention from you readers, it's more of a shameful plug for my eBay account and all the things I'm selling. Yes, today I cleaned my room and emptied all the unnecessary objects and these happen to be worth some money (Especially since I just spent all my money on camera gear and need to bring back up my funds)

Aside from promoting my eBay wares, I've decided to give away something that has sentimental reason to me. From one person to another I'd like to give away 2 of my 3 Keith Haring badges from the Tate Modern in England when I visited in 2009. Sure it's not much but you can't really complain if it's free right?

Edit: Another prize is in the pool! I found this on my shelf! Get posting!

So all you have to do is comment on this post, just a quick survey who actually reads it! Attach your email to the post and I'll randomly pick and email the winner in 3 days.

Oh and Mafia, I'll give you the other one regardless of you posting or not ha! I remember I was suppose to give you them back in the day.

PS. Last plug, I swear. My bike is for sale. Check eBay! Ha!

Kozyndan on my Wall

My second Kozyndan piece to own. (My first)

I got it along with a piece from Yoshitomo Nara which I gave to my lovely Grace, it now hangs on her wall :)

James Blake & Marques Toliver

Saturday night at The Metro.

Marques Toliver, a solo musician who plays with his voice a violin and a step drum pad thing. He's gorgeous and sweet. James Blake followed after, playing his popular songs with a new edge and twist. I didn't get many photos since I had to cloak my camera, but I did bring it back out for a few quick snaps.