To Die For


Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 in 3 months.
Nikon D300 confirmed.
Tracking MacBook Pros on eBay.


Setting out - Feather One

We set out. We shot.


Riding Rosehill

It's not often I get a picture of myself.. well I didn't even take the picture nor is it my camera.
I was part of Mitchell's strobe experiments and we ventured to a local (my local) area of a construction site/quarry/random shit.

I only have source of a single image but I like how I'm just touching myself.
Photo Credit: Mitchell Ford

Oh yeh, sucks to be you if you missed out on the transformers tickets. SUCKERS! (I feel your pain too though) But yeh, I was smart and fell into peer pressure of purchasing the tickets early. 6 tickets to the 24th June, 12:01am Session. First session to be in Sydney IMAX Theatre. Wide screen motherfuckers.

Keep smashing, straight trashing.


Leanne x Sydney

Leanne came over. Along with Moritz and Raymond. We ate and had coffee. Then came my house where we chilled + watched Mash (LOL)

We're also watching Transformers II on the 24th of June, 12:01am. Woo!



Coming Very Soon :)


If pigs can die.

No, I don't have swine.

More like I just got a $100 fine this morning. Wow. I went over my section by like 2 stops. Go diaf. This will delay my Transformers 2 tickets by a bit :/

Anyway the rest of the day went cool. I rocked up to school thinking I had everything down pat.. nah not really. I didn't know we had to set up an "exhibition" styled shit with our own supplies. I didn't read the criteria sheet (Like usual) but luckily Dildo and Schott were there to help me out. Dildo's manly steak hammer hits and Schotts intuitive thoughts.

I did my exhibition with flying colours (I think)

I also rushed a print but made the best print I've done since I started SCA.

It's a teal dot-screenprint on a skate board. It's pretty baller I must say myself (No brag)

Although it was damaged in the rain (Thus the light touch up highlights in the bottom trucks)
The print has made me too happy to care about the fine and also the fact that I've finished the first semester and am currently on a 6 week break... means that I'm free to smash my hermit lifestyle for a month and a half. Hooray! 3 cheers for total bumnation!

But really, I need to set myself some goals before I totes gain 30 pounds and turn into a large tub of lard shit face cock smoker.
  • Produce a new piece
  • Get up
  • Ride out. Meet other riders
  • Meet up with the Melbourne kids
  • Take some photos
  • Get the feather website up
  • Go watch Transformers II
  • Finish CT New Game +
And then ultimately paint something epic. Do a few canvases etc etc. So yeh, I guess that's my agenda.


4 Blank Decks

Blank Decks.

Video thanks to Danbi Cho + David Lee! Mad props.

Time to print. <3.

I've finally got something worth printing on. Something worth printing.

Totally going to hang the product on the wall. It's going to be mad cash. Although I do need to prepare quite a bit.

PS. All my other prints are rubbish. I'd rather eat the corneas from my eyes.

Some fucking awesome image:

Sauce plox?


Second Shot

Done. :p

His wife dead.


Timbo <3

Today was kind of boring. Print Print Print. I'm printing cliche images that are shit and have no creativity. Please kill me.

I want to do a 4-6 layer screenprint but I hate waiting/applying emulsion! Fuck you brown/green stuff! (Then there's the 20-40 min dry time, exposure time, clean time, dry time, set up time, etc etc)

And then it all fucks up cause I bumped something during the printing.. Fuck me dead.

So to show the lighter side of things in my life I want to show you how I get inundated with so many fan images that I can't post them all here [/end sarcasm]

The image is from my lovely blogspot friend of many years: Bimbhoe Click to Enter

Awesome love, /timbo400

Rebels Done

"Timbo - Rebels" 8/6/09

Fuck yeh.

Martin Schoeller <3



Tomorrow is the day.

I'm totally hyping it up right? Well, truth is, I'm fiending for some painting action.

I havn't painted in ages and really want to try out a burner piece I've been working on all week.

I've also been studying "Graffiti L.A.", and it's my bible.

Today was also shitty. I spent it all eating KFC and then attending a Vietnamese dinner in Canley-Vale... There was no highlight besides writing some poems and playing "got-you-last" with Matt. Also saw Diane from the previous Long Xuyen get together.. although I saw her at the end. So it was a downer that I didn't have anyone to talk to all night.

Trackstand for 3 minutes+
No Hand Stand for ~1-2 minutes

No pics. Cbf.

So here's a poem:
Shooting blanks in a world so fierce,
Hitting up lyrics none the least,
Got no rhythm nor got soul,
Emotions just pouring into a bottomless hole,
Emptiness and nothing in sight,
Echoes of my heart beating to the night,
Thoughts of death and thoughts of life,
Thoughts of who to slash with this knife.


Pairs in a Lane

To Anonymous:

We join the game but we don't declare our love,
We lane together like a pair of doves;
I buy a chicken cause that be our pet,
As we creep until the sun sets;
I let you last hit because I really care,
Cause you'll carry me through in times of despair;

I buy you wards, tangoes and a TP,
As long as you promise you'll set off your BKB;
I'll take the dive when PotM goes to stun,
I'll be back in 50 seconds just make sure you run and run;

The rest of our team are all but dead,
Guess it's up to you and me instead;
But really I don't think I can stand the pain of losing you,
In 5,4,3,2,1 Alt + Q, Q


Quick Day Post

2 Hours.

I was listening to Hardstyles and made this piece as a tribute to Revok, MSK. Work at KFC tomorrow. I'm going to bring my DS.

Also the mouse died.


Terminator 4

So yeh. I watched it..

It wasn't that "epic" as I thought the last? The logic with the movie wasn't that great and the robots seemed less crazy. (Yes, I know they're younger than the ones that time-warped.. but still they had the technology advancements of the T-100 etc)

There was also no classic Terminator music. I mean, what's a T-movie without the music? It makes it all. The bad terminator evil music that creeps up, nor is there the good side's music of the "DA DA DAAAA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAA, DADADA DA DA DAAAAAA"

So yeh, it was kind of a downer, I had similar expectations of that of Transformers 2, which I assume will be fucking epic, like 10x better than that of the Transformers 1 which came out like last year or 2007.

On other side of things, I've clocked up a major 26 hours in ChronoTrigger which I'm really proud of. Lvl 57s and yet to face Lavos. My heroes are nearly decked out. Just going to "charm" a few extra items and mlixers before I face the huge big bad boy.

I've also been riding a bit extra, I try to spend 10-30minutes practicing trackstands whilst watching TV and last night I rode to Eastwood again where I was practicing my skids + trackstands. I'm not confident enough to TStand onroad due to the fact I need to look down at the ground so much. Also tip: Riding in halfcabs are a no-no. My authentics were in the wash/wet and I couldn't take them out in time :(



Mmm I'm slowing down to 1 post a week, which is really sad :(

Anyway a quick cap on major events in my life.

On saturday night, I nearly died. Maybe not that close. But I got into my first car accident where I'm behind the wheel. I was driving from James Ruse Dr onto Victoria Rd when I was drifting/doing about 60-70 around this bend.. in the wet. My car slid out and for a split second, my mind was just. "Oh fuck"

My car hit the gutter and literally bounced off and slid to the other side (Contact was on the wheels, lucky no other damage besides some steering alignment shit)

So yeh, there was nothing to it. I was driving fast like an idiot. I fucked up. No slow motion like I usually have (When I fuck up riding my bike), just pure unfolding before your eyes.. 1:1. I wasn't that scared after though. More of the "Wow.. you nearly died.. I'll drive a bit slower"

I was shaken through out the whole night though, we drove to Hugh's house in Cabramatta and played GT5:Prologue till the early hours in the morning before we trekked back to Parra and I had a short black. Then ninja'd back home into bed without waking mum up.

It was quite a good day.

Otherwise, I'm glad to say I have Monday's free for a while now. Also I'm participating in a documentary for a newly met friend. Here's a tribute to her/her doco.

Thanks for the movitation Mitchell. I always need it.

PS. I need a haircut.

To Stacy: Please contact me via my email if you are still interested in the painting. I'm accepting all offers.