About Me

Welcome to Timothy Duong's (aka timbo400) website; it's a place where I update my online life and also my portfolio. I have a passion for photography, illustration, music and bicycles. I'm currently a student at USYD's Sydney College of Arts completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Printmedia.


  • 5 years photographic experience
  • Freelance work (09-Present)
  • Photographer for Feather Photography (09-Present)
  • Certificate III+IV in Graphic Design (CATC 2008)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Printmedia (SCA 09-Present)
If you're inquiring about photographic work, please visit www.featherphotography.com.au
For all other inquires, just email t.duong[at]featherphotography.com.au or timbo400[at]gmail.com
If you're looking for event photos shot by Timothy Duong, please visit http://featherphotography.blogspot.com/

Contact Details:
Mobile: +61 431390433
Email: timbo400[at]gmail.com or t.duong[at]featherphotography.com.au
MSN: timbo400[at]hotmail.com
Skype: timbo400GD
AIM: timbo400GD