Hair and Makeup

So I had dinner alone on Friday and made a sandwich containing Chicken, beetroot, cranberry sauce, fried onions, egg, capsicum, rocket, cheese, hash brown and a few other little things. It was so fun to eat.

Saturday I spent the day at Amanda's house helping out Mitchell shoot some stuff for Amanda's Expo thing. Mitchell convinced me to take photos using the Tamron with the DX crop removed... love for the lens ensued.

Yes, that massive lens Mitchell is shooting with is a Canon 85mm f1.2. I creamed my pants too.

Also created my first Zine, in 3D! I'll post previews when I get it printed :)


Casting Callz

The Setup.

The Getup.

Props to David Lee, seriouslee, you helped me out so much :)

I got a bit creative at work.


Pacing Light

Happy Birthday Viv

Anticipation of the club! Lol!

A little project for SCA...


Rack Rack Rack

Just a random invitation.


Garlic & Holy Water!

Fuck Vampires! I've never really been a fan of a vampire film until I watched "Let The Right One In" it's actually pretty awesome. None of this Twilight bullshit, just raw hate/love/death.

Also had a night at Ant's house on Sunday...

Sterile Futures

And finished with some slightly burnt pizza + garlic bread, it was still good.

Listening to Zomby - Where Were U in '92?


If You Got The Money

Quest is for the booking!

A Tribe Called Quest was amazing! A little ceebs at certain parts but overall it was a great night :)
Props to the peeps that came out and enjoyed a piece of history :3

Vivian and David at Espionage, I chilled there for like a record 5 or something hours LOL

It was a great night out, consisting of joints and burritos and what not. Definitely can't wait for Flying Lotus


Baggage & ATCQ

P K-1000 mounted on SkyBlade.

Gangster timeless Luggage case I found on the side of the road. 3rd item, 3rd day. Yes!

ATCQ in less than 24 hours. It's going to be big. :)



Picked up this Bombo Designer stool like 100 metres from my house, it's in perfect working condition. A little rust that elbow grease can't remove.



Found on the side of the road 200 metres from my house.

Sold the D200, created a mounting bracket for a camera on my handle bars on my fixed. Expect to see videos soon! Also about to purchase a heavy duty suction camera mount for my car. Fuck yeah


O Fortuna

Apparently tucking your trackies into your sloppy joe is the new steeze on the streetz

I lol'd so hard when I saw these hard cvnts, they're so steezy they snapped that girls' neck LOL.

Just another trip to parramatta.

And then I spotted these...

Tiffany Safari Hi wut? Keep phresh! 


Long & Awaited

It's about time timbo. You dropped the ball, now it's time to pick it back up.

There's a few new things in life, you need to concentrate and focus on Uni studies.