Bandits Below!

Bandits Below. 22.06.08

Marrickville run.

It was hardcore. Bike was pretty fucked. Ie. Could not pedal. Bike is currently in fix, regreased crank, realigned wheel and fixed the rear brake + Polished the motherfucker. But during this I broke the bell :/


I'm bored. Ring me.

Anyway, next week Sunday. It's my first holiday phototrip, Fraser Island hitting up blue skies and white sands. Ready to tan like a mofo.


Animal Instinct

Bumping: Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth.

Uargh. School.

Got mad assignments to do + shitty weather = no time for photos.

Fuck. Anyway the DS takes up the last 3 hours of my night EACH night. 12-3am. That's been for the last week or so. So that's 21 hours + daylight playing which is about 2-3 hours (2 hours on the train ride and maybe a game or 2 somewhere in between) So that's about 40 hours per week so far? All because? All because of "The World Ends With You"

It's pretty bad fucking ass. It's got me hooked. And for anyone that has played it. It's a F'd up game. F for fabulous.

Finished it today finally, so I got it off my chest and can finally focus on other shit.

This Friday is a pupil free day so I'm so hitting up Michele's house for some Skins action! Season one bitches! Hardcore.


My fav song:


Fuck I just typed a shitload of shit only to be fucked up by firefox freezing. Fuck FF Beta.

Anyway to continue on my rants: I have been lacking in posts in my blog. Hopefully I'll be able to blog from my DS once it's complete.

My DS is my current new thing, with an R4 coming today on Tuesday (If the postman doesn't fuck with me) So there's something for me to do on the train when I'm traveling for 2 hours each day.

So, my DS, what does it look like? It's the Crystal Blue one, but it has a Purple Supreme Box Sticker on it (<3>) which is fucking awesome cause it's holographic and shiny and shit. Otherwise I want to deck the back with An:other" stickers and my to-be-purchased hard case cover with a Rogue Status Gunshow print shit on it. It'll be OG.

Otherwise I can't wait to play Pokemon Pearl and other shit! WOO! Fuck yeh. Nights of gaming here I come. Mad props to Hal who sent me his R4 for $50! Fucking Game Rev or whatever at Market City asked for $199?! What the fuck? I'd rather order it from fucking Antartica and the shipping will still be cheaper than from you fucking cash cunts.

Long weekend? Boring as fuck! UN = Gay shitcunt TBs

So new news? A friend from SneakerFreaker has put up a new site: or

Only the blog is up but it looks promising! I saw this on the blog! Thanks for the heads up Kase! New Summer range for Supreme!

Hell fuck yeah!

Definitely copping. Also cop the next T-World, apparently it stars Josh, FreshIn and Second Fam with photos taken by yours only.

So photos? Sorry I ain't got none :( but here is some drawings! This is what my DS looks like:
All done on FaceBook Graffiti... <3>

Currently Bumping the following Albums:
Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth
Necro - Prefix For Death
M83 - Saturdays Youth
Smashing Pumpkins - Rotten Apples



So Edward Norton, he's probably the best actor to hit the streets.

Yeh, new role for the "The Incredible Hulk", finally they get good actors!

Shit I've been taking photos for a photolog in T-World apparently.

Look out for the mag, here are some sample shots:

This is Josh, he has guns. Big guns and big veins.

Some evil Pope Shit:

Eerie huh?


Holy Shit

Ha. fuck.

Friday was pretty fucken sweet. Consisting of paranoia, humour and randomness.

Jongman is now a man haha that guy wasted so much but anyway random thugs in the local burbs should fuck off. Fucking making us run for no apparent reason only to probably roll us. Fuck shitcunts.

My next rant? eBay. Fuck eBay.

Seriously, eBay is a place full of shitcunts, don't fucking bid on shit you're not going to buy. Seriously... FUCK OFF you fucking douche bags.

Anyway rants over, here after being several days/weeks late are some new photos:

New Proddy:

(Thanks to MJL, RL, SS, JM)

And here is my latest quick rush job for an assignment at school:

I hate the "i" and "n", Based on CASINO the epic movie with Robert De'niro.

Next post I'll show you guys the money shot.