Things For Sale

I'd type a void post but can't be bothered.

As for other things in life...

Watermelon Pot Plant for sale! $15 Hand Painted by me :3

Some info: This pot plant is made from Bio-degradable recycled materials so it's great for the environment (timbo looks out for it!) Along with this, it's painted with acrylics and coated with gloss varnish :) 
It's best suited for indoor plants.

S(Pl)ushi Pack to be on sale soon! ^___^

Listening to: Muse


Pay Day

I'm quite excited. I have 100% finished my wedding photos and currently in the process of finishing other work.

I'm really happy that I'm the designer for the Flow campaign (I got the position ^__^) so yeh, it's pretty breezy. Having an awesome client is probably the reason why I'm not hating it so yeh. Also have Barb's portfolio to start and finish in the next 3-5 days... then attempt my THAP1202 (Fuck sake) essay to start. Shitter thing is that I don't have anyone to steal from so this time I'm flying solo.

I also want to start my first novel (Science nerd omg!) yeh it's going to be a sci-fi and probably take 10 years before I finish chapter one... but it'll be so worth it. I'm imagining me stealing every idea possible from the accumulation of movies, cartoons and games from the last 19 years of my life. It's going to be a Frankenstein and probably star Harrison Ford, and .'. fvcken awesome.

Deep V's will be achieved this week I hope/wish.

Playlist mainly consists of: Beatles, Pink Floyd & MF Doom.
I wish: I was somewhere else. On a cold dry winters day, my breath visible from miles away, pines trees that whistle and sway. A warm fire, coffee and smokes.

6/14 days since my last one. Can't wait til this is over.


Chatroulette Docu



Kites and Apples

Ouch. My knee is bruised and I punched a kid in the face.

On Wednesday morning I woke up at 7:50am. I left my house at 8:00 and ran for my life to my bus stop. I boarded the bus within 30 seconds and fell asleep standing up. 1 minute and 30 seconds into this bus ride I hear the tires screech and feel the bus jolt. My eyes are still closed as I'm violently thrown forwards, flying through the air in a quick motion and trying to hold onto something, I punch a 6 year old kid out mid air and land on the dusty floor sliding across the floor. The bus stops and the bus driver jumps off the bus and runs after the car that swerved in front of it. I open my eyes and awake to kids crying and everyone dazed. I stand back in my position with my elbow and knees bruised but acting as if nothing happened. Pixies continues to play on my iPod.

Here is a Gif of my Flash animation I have to make for uni. I know it sucks. Fvck you all.

Nothing else to blog besides my little Sushi things are nearly ready to be sold! :D


Sickening :(

Arg I'm sick. I'm not sure what from but my nose is running slightly, I have a sore throat, I'm sneezing hella and there's blood in my gollies T^T I'm on a bit of home medication and trying to eat well and it's getting slightly better but I don't know.

I've got a new lookbook look: (Click on it if you like it ^__^)

Life is busy atm. Trying to juggle work and uni. Also the donut and sushi + toast plushies are for sale. There's a limited edition sushi pack coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

RIP Nujabes. You really changed my perspective on Hip Hop. You will definitely be missed! Today's songs will be dedicated to you.


Quick agenda posting.

Hmmm a post of my preferred short term future,

Today, I will...

  • Complete photos

  • Get a haircut

  • Prepare for tomorrow (Meeting with Client + Hui)

  • Last night was Harveen's 21st, it was a pleasant party with many new faces and a few welcoming old ones.

    I also have expanded my narcissistic blogisms with a new "blog" ie tumblr. It's not an actual blog-blog where I post text and shit, but it's my visual inspiration blog. Here you will find anything I come across on the internet and I myself find awesome or a need to save. I rather it public because,

    1. It can be accessed from anywhere across the world that has an internet access.
    2. It will be a virtual scrapbook/encyclopedia/diary of things that will/have inspired influenced me.

    You'll/I'll be able to look upon this link in the future and truly see what has reflected upon myself from the media around me. I don't expect people to read or follow it, it's more of a personal thing, although if you're looking for images that may make you smile or think a little harder, then you might want to give it a go :)

    The Link is:

    I really need a device that I can quickly upload images... (cough cough iPhone), I've been using my Samsung (ty ty once again kimi ^__^) to take heaps of random images, but no ability to actually upload any of them =[

    Spontaneity is shot down.


    Tired from everything

    Arg, apologies once again for the lack of updates in the world of Timbo. It seems there are troubling times and busy schedules to meet. Timetables are gay and old unfinished work (ie. failed subjects) are catching up and haunting me.

    I hate THAP (Theoretical History and Art Practices) just hearing the name alone makes me shiver.

    Anyway, as with busy times comes lower production of art making practices. I've only been working on one drawing which is this MF DOOM one that I randomly started drawing from the top of my head. 

    I'm super fucking excited for tomorrow. AKA (Some korean thing) which is an excuse to let me go wild and get shit faced. The end.

    Currently in love with Pink Floyd. Tripping to infinity.



    Source: Click for source.

    I know this ain't tumblr but god damn this got me hit straight in the heart!


    Body & Flow

    I have come to terms about my job of 6 years. I like it. Shit pay, but I like the job. It makes me smell bad, but I like the atmosphere and people. I wouldn't do it more than once or twice a week but it's a change :3 I'm not to proud but I can finally not feel so bad when I do mention it.

    I've also worked on this poster for about 4-5 hours. Created Logo, stock from DA. I hope I get the position ^__^


    Post #200 something.

    Bleh. One word to explain it all.
    Rain rain rain. I love you so, but not today.
    Today was quite loungy and chillful. Went to Eastwood caught Mitchell's car to COFA ("traitor!") and drew some dig bits. Met up with Jocelyn and William and just chilled. I got my awesome Domokun and Swastika keychain from Mitchell/Jesse (Presented by Mitchell)

    You guys had some epic adventures and stories, I wish I could've been there to experience it :) I hope we can organise something soon. I'm really fiending some fellowship, nothing like campfires and seclusion. Not a worry in the world. Total opposite feeling of when I came home today, my DS is depressing me, taking me away for what reality is. Puzzle Quest is really annoying me and stressing me :( fucking random generators stacking against me! Go away!

    Uni week 1 is down. Intense workload put on a bludger like me :( I'm going to cope this year! I do miss my first assignment of 2009 though.. Notes to self.



    New Room for Betrayal

    I got a new room/table/studio space at uni. It's win. I'm between Eleanor and Dildo. That's his Starwars poster in the image. I have installed a ceramic pot, alarm clock, 2 boomboxes and some other shit I stole from around Uni. It's pretty much one of the best tables (in my opinion) Dylan's/Eleanor's is pretty wicked too. 

    On a tangent though, some people are fvcken retarded

    My awesome corner.

    Studio Theory

    Some weird guy bopping his head really hardcore.

    Josh Sehrer (I use to follow him online back in the day)



    To my homeboy Tony Le. You will get a matching pokeball with it. =3


    Paul Smith

    I'm hopefully getting these bad boys soon :)

    Paul Smith SP509 - Black/Black