Architects of Air

Mirazozo is a large scale, inflatable sculpture constructed of translucent vinyl and made up of labyrinthine tunnels and inspiring spacious domes. A sensual world of liquid light and colour, it is a multi-sensory space that welcomes, inspires and affects everyone who enters. Under the direction of Alan Parkinson, Architects of Air have designed and constructed 15 luminarium which have toured the globe, being experienced by audiences at over 500 exhibitions in 37 countries.

It ends on the 27th of January 2011 in Sydney.


Seeing Seekae

Black Swan is amazing. It's spine-chilling and definitely jaw dropping. Timbo recommends you watch this movie.
My Love

Seekae is amazing. I also have 125 glow sticks and my galaxy will be ruled by me.


Treasures From The Present

Each day gets better and better. Problems arise and solutions reveal themselves.

Chris is leaving for China to look after Pandas (I'm so fucking jealous!) and I'm going to miss him :( Have a safe trip homie! I'll send you an email or something if not you can check on me via my blog (hurrrr) Hope you touch Pandas inappropriately and have an awesome time! (oh I know you will)

Also it turns out my chest is fine so far, it must be a muscular problem but if symptoms persist than it could be dangerous. But I'd rather think of the positive things than let some petty disorder bring me down. 

Families that were once so far apart now seem closer even through times of conflict, I just hope for the best of my family. New members are always joining as old ones pass on.

The last night I spent with Chris before his trip to China :)

My new TH wallet from NYC - Thanks Aunty/Uncle :)



It's a damn hot day and I'm at home smashing through 'The Walking Dead' and to be honest I'm pretty much lifeless myself at home. Nothing achieved.

But last night I could say it differed. I was at Sydney Festival's Beck's Bar. I stood at the front as the crowd stood there anticipating Gold Panda, quiet as ever. The only sound was the slow tempo of the crescendo, building up, the masses still staring, some closing their eyes gazing at the DJ. GP's neck bouncing back and forth perfectly in rhythm, he's one with his tune for he gave birth to it. Slowly but surely 'Vanilla Minus' (I think, my is memory hazy) kicked and the crowd was entranced and everyone started rocking and moving to the beat. I moved away from the front of the stage and stood alongside Grace and Sujin when 'You' started playing a second of silence before the crowd went wild. It was intense.

I can't really explain much more but Gold Panda was a great experience.

Dinner was Beef Ramen with Melon Calpico (This shit is THE BOMB)


Gold Panda

Even Seekae was there.

We touched him also.


Online Life

I'm a Geek/Nerd/Hermit. Whatever you call it.

Well coming from years of being lonely and constantly sticking to my computer screen, it's raised me and affected me as it would most people, only a little bit more than others (Or not so much in some others). Coming from a background of heavy and what some would say unhealthy gaming (Well my Mum thought so, but truly it was never an extreme case) I've somewhat been shit bored with my current computer. I couldn't care less whether it was a PC or Mac (So don't give me that shit) but yeah at the moment it seems I'm spending more time looking at the physical thing itself than spending time doing something productive or whatever. 

1 year ago I would be playing DotA or spending long hours waiting for replies from my several accounts registered on the many forums that coincided with my hobbies. 2 years ago I would be playing games from DotA to CSS to whatever my computer could handle. Now? I'm playing Bejeweled and the occasional Words with Friends (Imagine Scrabble online if you don't have an iPhone/iOS device)

The actual portability of it lets me do other things but at the moment I'm doing nothing else other than watching content online or downloading movies/TV shows and listening to music waiting for the downloads to finish. I could be going out to take photos but I have this compulsive disorder to keep my computer organised... ahhh so I've bought a 2TB hard drive (Well it was originally Grace's but now mine) and now I've bought another 1TB just incase the 2TB fails on me. New speakers to replace the old ones that constantly had terrible feedback. Now my workhorse computer is amazingly sexy and hot and coupled with my iPad I can't seem to walk away without being mildly satisfied by it's cheap and short lived entertainment gimmicks that are distracting me from my real duties. I've been sucked into aesthetics and cheesy gadget gimmicks. But they satisfy me oh so much.

I couldn't comment or really pinpoint my actual reasoning of this post but it's more of a reminder whenever I look back onto my blog and see what I've achieved and what are my priorities...

Onto more relevant things that can be discussed and shared would be Gold Panda. Playing at the Beck's Bar at Sydney Festival he'll be tearing it up on the 14th of January 2011 (This Friday!) so I'll be there along with Sujin and Grace but if you read this blog and are also coming please feel free to contact me, I'm curious of who else enjoys him and is in my circle of friends (I find it really interesting talking to people you know about music and they have similar tastes to you, it's like finding out a secret about them).

I'm currently playing his two other albums, firstly I had Lucky Shinier, but downloaded 'Unreleased Medical Journal' and 'Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Go' which are so far great on the ears. Speaking of good on the ears are my new speakers. 'Gigaworks T20' 2.0 speakers. They're very sexy and suit my computer very well.

Past recounts since my last post? I went to see Flying Lotus/Dam-Funk/GasLamp Killer/Opiuo. I was slightly disappointed when I heard Hudmo pulled out but it was amazing with Opiuo showing some new things I've never heard and Dam-Funk ripping it up followed by the energetic flow of FlyLo and to end it was GLK doing his intense and quirky set. I was tired but in the end I was still moving. I wish I brought my camera.

I have a few photo-shoots planned that I would like to see come into the light. It's just time to prepare now.


A Fresh Start

Happy New Year my humble readers,

I hope you all had a great time partying whether it be by yourselves or with your best friends and family. I spent my time with a new person in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better NYE and NY. I spent quality time beforehand with family then with Grace at her apartment along with Sujin and Arthur. We made Sangria, shared crackers, cheese, Pringles (which I hogged) and played a fun game of Cluedo (totes need to play this again!)

The fireworks like every other year is not that amazing. I'm always compelled how people make the ever so lengthy journey into the City to meet up and watch the fireworks. It's crowded and on a day like the 31st of December 2010, it was hot and humid. I was huddled inside the apartment playing lovely board games and swimming on the rooftop. Was mesmerising.

Some things of 2010 that I would like to mention that set me into different footpaths
  • Nosaj Thing/The XX/Mount Kimbie (Big shout out to Cynthia Quach :) definitely opened my eyes/ears to new genres and moved away from Hip-Hop on a whole new level, music is a core-part of me now)
  • Riders (Mad props to Ant, David, Jay, Paul and any other riders out there that joined us on our quests to Rhodes or other ridiculous places)
  • Chilled sessions at my house (My house finally became a haven for me that I wanted to stay back at... before this it was other people's)
  • New friendships and old friendships (Old friends that introduce me to new friends, some friendships that will last forever)
  • Family and Feather. You guys hold me together :)
2011, a brand new start. Each year it happens, guess this time there was a lot more achieved than usual :)

Listening to: Alias - Muted