Slow Pain

A few drawings and an etching.

And a walk through Oxford St then some grocery shopping.


Big Action

Ah yes, back to the old habit aren't we timbo? I'd assume you learnt your lesson the first time but I guess not.

Although the news makes up for it.

Timbo has acquired a lot of investments in the last week or two.

Nikon D200 + Battery Pack
Sigma 24-70 f2.8

He still has his D70s as a backup (coupled with a 50mm f1.4) And his photography passion is as fiery as ever before.

He shot quite a lot (Too bad he couldn't shoot with the 24-70 on Saturday night though)

On Saturday he shot at Pumphouse and learnt a lot of lessons, then on Tuesday he shot around the city. The pictures are as following:

My beautiful whopper.

Attempt at a facepalm

Eleanor as an Asian.

Then last friday mitchell also took shots for me:
Why so serious?

Also props to Jimmy for our shoot. I think I forgot to mention that earlier.


Quick play.

The soft touches that roll across the keys,
The text the display amongst these;
I take what I need and leave nothing,
In the piles of trash there's something;
It moves and multiplies at the speed of light,
Always moving even through night;
New to the old but in the blood of the youth,
Conspiracies, lies and the dirty truth;
We continuously live on and inside it,
Parasites leeching off bit by bit.


Oh god

I rode to Eastwood and have a new partner in crime.

Ant is my new bicycle bandit. Fixie power in Eastwood.

We hit the hills in Ewood and smashed them hard.

I also have a new mouse for my PC. It's mighty awesome :3

Nikon D200 and Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 is coming in 1 week. Be excited!


I got my net back.

Not much to celebrate besides a little poem I wrote.

I hate the sight of reproductions,
Creations based on assumptions;
People claim it's appropriation,
Yet they agree with me upon explanation;
They say imitation is a form of flattery,
Although I see it as a form of battery;
The same image recycled over and over until it's desensitized,
Humans processing the same shit until it's been pulverized;
It all becomes a mass grey soup,
Bleeding from our eyes as we suffer from the constant loop;
You complain from musical artists and their covers,
Then again you xerox shit like no other.


Raymond has a new tattoo!