Today was a pretty nice day, the weather was ok and I fulfilled quite a lot.

I had a meat pie for lunch /w tomato sauce and it was really nice.

Met up with iantha and jinman.
My nose looks so big -_-
Then we spent hours taking photos of business people :D
My friend David joined us also.
And I saw this girl at Town Hall :3

So I'm still tossing up between the D200 and D300. I think Mitchell has convinced me, but the problem is I need to convince my mother :P

24-70mm is in near reach and I want to fix my rear wheel for the ride on Sunday D:

Also I've started Project: Mum's Bike. A woman's National Super-Something I found on the side of the round. It's pretty baller and I can't wait to recondition it. It's a bit rusty, but nothing I can't fix.

Planning to retouch the paint, single speed hub, new wheels and white/gum walled tyres.

Eating Sara Lee Chocolate Bavarian atm, listening to Ankles and Diane on Ventrilo. Ankles is losing in Spider Solitaire on MSN. Haha.


Second last update

It's been since october I've been slowly chipping a way into this image. It's nearly done.

Most intense gif I've created ^_^.

Listening to dethklok.


Harry Potter

Yeh, I watched it today. Twas liek awesome. I really liked the skin of Harry etc etc.

Nah, it was pretty good unlike what most people said, I don't care that I havn't read the book. In your face.

Also the website is nearly done D:
Waiting for Humga and Grace to upload their shit. I also finally got my 52mm UV filter for my 50mm 1.4D. Also upgraded my dying 1GB sandisk card to a Ultra II 4GB. Now I'm shooting reliably.

I'm starting a new manga which is called "Gakuen Alice" It's about kids with special powers. It's your typical high school (or in this case, primary school) romance/power-up thing. It's pretty awesome.

I also apologize for the shitty blog updates. I've been really into the new website and neglecting my current one :(

And my fixie has a burst tire. Fuck skidding.

I've also got a new Polo shirt from my mother's wardrobe. It's pretty killer:

Yours truly. /timbo400.

750 Miles


750 miles. 6 men. 6 fixies.

Epic quote:
Waitress: "How would you like your eggs cooked?"
JM: "Medium"



Pinky Bleeding

Oh I totes got a new bag!

It's a fucking mad duffle from Marcs (by Marc Jacob). Was $59. Fvcken bargains. Bondi Junction hell yeh.

I also did my first tantraric book session. I read Hannibal Rising in pretty much one night. 2am till 7am. It was so intense. The punchline of Grutas was like OMG! /vomits.

It was an intense night for an intense book.

I also caught a seagull today... it bit my finger. It hurts.

Madlove. /timbo400

You're the 10000 reader!

Not really, just that my website has hit over 10000 readers.

10127 hits since 25th Feb 2009.

Nothing much to report besides that I got shitfaced on Friday Night, HP night was awesome even though we skipped heaps (1st and 4th movie?).

I have a hospital shoot on monday which also continues on weds. (Thanks to dylan kelly)

I've also got some reading to do like usual. Need to smash that book! T.T
  • Clocked 26+10 hours on CT:DS, (Unlocked 2 endings, another like 6 to unlock -.-)
  • Need to book Europe tickets.
EDIT: Hot news: There's another timbo400 out there! He's from Amsterdam! He plays a game called darkspace D:

Link: Cache

His name is now Wolf20913, the odds people! the odds!

Over and Out /timbo400.

Bridges and Bangers

Oh wow, another lapse of time.

"I closed my eyes and slept, it felt like 11 months had passed, yet when I opened my eyes and checked the time only seconds had past" - Knarl.

I met Knarl, he rang me on Saturday night whilst I was at work. He rang and said "Yo, timbo, I'm coming to Sydney in 2 hours" It was so spontaneous, I later met him in the city. He lectured me and told me part of his fucking huge library of information. Wow, he was wikipedia itself. I fucking could not beleive the knowledge. He came back to my joint and I went back out to the city and met Shrav. We went back got baked and I had to most tripped lecture of my life. Confusion and enlightenment in the space of 3 hours, it seemed like an eon in the small space of the store room as I got baked alive in it.

The next morning, I was out of it. 9am. Wake up call. Mind pounding on the wall. Knarl hadn't slept yet. His talks of insomnia.

This happened again on Monday night where we did our farewell.

Knarl, I've known him since 2005, back in the MS days. I never thought we'd actually meet face to face. Fucking funny how things turned out. Truths to be told. Defintely see you in the future.

Those 3 days, were a slight blur. Time unstable, events unrecordable within the human mind.

Wednesday on the other hand was an awesome shoot. This time it was a more practical location. I didn't direct or shoot for long cause I was just a hand, but I think my short period went well. I went to buy groceries also for the HP night which is tomorrow :P

I have to ride to Arielle's house which will be the biggest ride of my life so far! :( (I'm not looking forward to it :( )

Here's some behind the scenes.

Other things:
  • I got a wicked haircut (hitler style 90% to what I'm looking for)
  • I still need to watch birds.
  • I lost my nikon lens cap :*(
  • I cleaned my room today D:
Madlove. /timbo400

Happy Rotter


I've totally set out things to do.

  • Read "Hannibal Rising"
  • Learn to play Wonderwall on Guitar
  • Harry Potter Sleepover
  • Watch "Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock

I got so many things to occupy myself with.

I totally got my costume set out too. Snape, I love Snape. To be honest, I'm only holding the party cause:

  1. I've only watched Prisoner of Azkiban (Typo I know)
  2. Half Blooded Prince looks so cash.

So yeh, here's the deeets. If you're not invited, ask me on Facebook and I'll add you to the list.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out on the 15th of July worldwide, so to celebrate it we're totally going to hold a marathon at timbo's house.

Movies we're going to gun:
- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Muggles cannot watch the film, you must be dressed as a character from the film or else you will be banished to the ethereal world of Mongolians!

We will snack on muggle food and maybe get my Mum to cook newt stew (Pho) if needed. Drinks and Snacks will all be provided.

Sleeping over is cool, but if you have to leave, make sure it's after the 3rd movie at least!

We will also debate which is the the better wizard, Harry Potter or Gandalf (Ofc it's Gandalf, he becomes grey then white! WTF?)

I expect you to fly to my house by 6PM sharp as the marathon will start at 7:30PM and we shall be entranced into the movie.

The actual date is debatable. Sunday night going to Monday morning. Yes/No? Maybe?

Come on!
I'm really geed up!



On a new scale.. it made me cry.

and Ch Wong's photos gave me a chill (Urban)