Clash of the excited fucking titans

When things are great things crash down fast, hur. Mum's been away for 1 week now and I'm finding it hard to cope, currently losing my mind. Uni is fine at the moment with review week passing it for the first time with flying colours. 

I couldn't ask for much more to be honest.

A few things in the last week have surprised me, one being that 'Fast Five' the fifth installment of the franchise 'The Fast & Furious' is actually very good and worth seeing. Sure it's not deep and meaningful movie but who would expect that? I got everything I expected from it and much more, left the cinemas wanting to drive fast and punch on with randoms. Definitely worth a watch if you're into the whole F&F franchise, it's the best one yet.

The complete opposite could be said for Sucker Punch which I saw about 2-3 weeks ago. It made my mind bleed. Speaking of bleeding is that last night changed my perspective on a few things. I guess it'll go into a life chapter in the future.

Yesterday also was a shoot I went to help out Kenny Son with for Show Pony, I didn't really help (guilty) but rather I painted some walls and got a little wet. It was fun and the model was amazing! (Chelsea Cole is hot!

It sucks when you have little to no paint left. And caps are minimal.




Tomorrow is my review day, first time in like a long time. And this time I'm prepared.

Yesterday was my homie David Lee's 21st birthday, he's heading to New Zealand and all that tomorrow so yeah. I hope you had a good one! Keep safe!

We went to Pancakes at the Rocks... but the one at Darling Harbour and by god the ribs were chat! Especially for $25, I mean for $10 you get way more and they're actually hot from upstairs. ie. Hurricanes.

But I'm not the one to complain since I did order the blueberry heaven. Ha. I was all over the Kettle Chili and Peanut Butter Brittles.

Really feeling 'Nedry'. It's like a mix of Bjork, Massive Attack and Dubstep. Classy steeze.
Peep their 2010 drop 'Condors' or heres their song 'Apples & Pears'


DOOM's in the Room

Hmm been busy.

But DOOM was intense, he brought the vibe and kept it running from start to finish. I didn't want this one to end. The encore was coo.

Met Kimi-chan first time in like a year! Was good to catch up :)

I also went Plaster Painting. I love you grace :)