*Drawing Mode ON*

Been on a roll since I started listening to Raekwon. Been bumping Cuban Linx Vol. 2 and Shaolin VS Wu-Tang. Dope shit!



Thanks to Grace, Sujin and Claudia for helping out today :)


Wrong Place

Wrong time warp.

Watched Rango, it's definitely something that hit me by surprise, the trailer was "Johnny Depp, Jonny Depp, John Depp Starring Johnnhy Depp" what I expected was definitely not what I was given. Amazing movie and great animation, I recommend watching it whether you're young or old it's funny and heart warming.


Lingering Tastes of Satisfaction

Grape Drank is like crack for me...

Cafe Ish. Very del-ISH :p

Edamame, Soft Shell Crab, Sweet Sake and very full stomachs!

Followed by Seekae and Mount Kimbie. Oh Mount Kimbie was disappointing :( although seekae are good as always :) Get their latest +Dome album!

And congratulations to Grace, Carolina, Claudia and William for graduating :)


Mars & Back

My fish Mars and his partner in their new tank. They have their own houses, Mars lives inside Squidward's house and the girl lives under a tree :3

Yes that's James Blake playing in the background.


My Fish.

Be prepared for my next fish tank also :)

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