The last day of Summer.

3 events all in one day. Sets can be found on my Flickr.

We were on a boat in the Hawkesbury river. It was pretty epic. Happy 21st Steven!

Check out Chen's DOOM costume! EPIC! Happy birthday Joan!

And yes, that's Lorn of Brainfeeder!
Talk about a starstruck week!


Self Portraits

I don't often do them, this I was so bored and tired of creating a storyboard and script I did some procrastination. I think it's pretty accurate.


OH NO! At Tone

After scoring a double-pass to OH NO at Tone, I couldn't pass it up. I visited it after market research and oh it was pretty damn awesome. Although after nearly getting started by drunken retards and having a blind fat hipster bitch all up in your face it was pretty much a good damn night.

Mr Clean


Backstage talking about video games and green.


Jasmine Teaballz

This shit is magical. Thanks to Mitch and Ayesha for showing me them. They're tasty and worth the $13 for 4. Beauty inside bud.

Listening to: Tyler, The Creator - AssMilk



Ka-boom! How else to end a drought than with a triple post?! Yeah, you know it, timbo has his days but it's becoming more often. Don't worry he's fighting back with willpower now! We visited him and asked him a few questions.

Timbo: So what's been happening as of recently? 
Timbo: Well, I've been settling at home and I also been creating a few things but other than that I went to TROPFEST 2011!

T: You make it sound like a crazy event, was it fun? What did you think of it?
T: Well it was pretty much, wait, I've never been to Trop Fest but rather enjoyed it every year when I got it with the newspaper so this was quite new for me. It was good to watch it on the grass on picnic rugs eating and drinking outside, definitely beats the couch for something new, I'd do the same for 2012!

T: Thanks Timbo, I guess that's all we have for today but I'll leave you off for some photos he took while on Tropfest 2011!


Creative Impulses

I'm one that procrastinates to the max. Failing Uni seems like the norm for me and cruising seems like a chore now. But through my lowest of lows and highest of 'highs' there lays a creative spark inside me that comes out from time to time. In the last 2 months I've been scheming a short-film of some sort and also to make a set for someone special (That someone special knows who they are :3) so through the last couple of  weeks I've come up with the idea to make a mini-model set. It's not-yet complete but very close. I originally had paper-cut-outs but I've abadoned that idea for aesthetic reasons.

I'm on my way to creating a storyboard, finding a director/cinematographer and someone to help me with narration/sound. It's going to be pretty tight-knit and I'll post WIP when I can but hopefully it'll be done within a couple of months :)

The set so far:

Everything is hand made or from train model sets. I hope this turns out well, time to hit the drawing boards!

Been seeing JM, Raymond, Steven a bit more and also Leanne! It's good to see you guys again!

Chigga Pleeeaze (Nigger Bi-surrrr)


Post Valentines Day 2011

It's been a long time since I've never spent V-Day with someone. So this was a pretty special day for me even though technically it was the day after it, but didn't matter. It's rather a thought than a day, the apparent day where lovers worldwide spend a more romantic day than usual.

I couldn't ask for a better day, it started 2 days earlier, when I received my Christmas/Valentine's day gift perfectly in time. (Check my prior post) Then I met Grace at her's and we went to Waterloo and visited the French House. Definitely something amazing, the atmosphere is authentic and the food is delicious and well priced. We also visited the Dank St galleries where I was blown away by Maria Speyer's etchings and prints and Morgan Shimeld's metal sculptures. We ended up at the Sydney Chinese Gardens, a place of peace and tranquility. Then I had my compulsory sleep in Hyde Park. Oh I love sleeping there. There was also a sick Ibis I fed... that didn't work out so well :p

Morgan Shimeld - 15 Feb til 12 Mar 2011 at Dank St Galleries, Waterloo

Wow the French House is amazing! No photography though, but I snuck this one photo :)


Duke of NY

He sits on my wall. Thanks Grace, you're the best :)


DOOM or Die!

If you do not have tickets to DOOM then you're missing out. Best announcement for Aust for years. Probably the biggest thing for me since Sage Francis.
"He wears a mask to hide the raw flesh, a rather ugly brother with flows that's gorgeous"

I have animal friends that like to drown.


I don't know if I'm dreaming anymore

All I know is that I'm falling, falling, falling.

Listening to James Blake, who's this new dub artist from England. Fresh out with his self titled LP, he's got a slow dub release that's reminiscent of a mix of a vocal trance mixed with dub chill. The equation leaves you with an amazing romantic lyrical trip. Definitely a great start to 2011, would go on the shelf alongside Washed Out or Toro Y Moi in my chillwave and chill dub hits.

Other musical good news is that I've locked DOOM tickets in March. Alongside DOOM is Mount Kimbie, who easily took album of 2010 in my books. I hit a rough patch when I found out tickets to his show at Good God was sold out, I was spewing when I realized this. The next day was spent panicking and figuring out what to do, so a friend suggested I see him in Melbourne. It would be an amazing idea since dizz1 and Lorn are also supporting but bad for me trying to save some cold hard funds. Luckily this story ends the next day when I find out from Grace that MK has a second show. Bought 3 tickets the second I found out, so now I shall see you readers at both events, DOOM and Mount Kimbie.

Recently been overcoming a cold and had an intense fever 1 week ago that I was pretty much sure I was clinically insane. I visited a few new places which were amazing and interesting. Did a photo job which made me love shooting once again. New contacts and new jobs are always fun.

Typing this off my iPad so I hope I'll come back and add some photos or something.


My New Room

Come visit me and chill in my room. I'm so lonely at home.