Straight Back

Ok now I'm back from Melbs (Arrived at Parramatta @ 6:30AM)
Totes kinda recovered so yeh... any plans for tonight?

Well like my FB status states "YO he's so pringles. hitting up jesses tonighttttt-taaaa...."

Yeh, that means timbo is fucking hitting up Jesse's joint and going to get /wasted.

Fuck the city on nye. Fuck public trannies (you know them hoes that got dicks and you fuck in public) and fuck the trains.

3 2 1 til apocalypse GOOOOOOO

(Note: This is a quick post for the people that may read my blog if they're doing nothing at home during NYE-night, raise your hand if so.. dw I've done it before)

Will post properly tomorrow and shit.

Holla. /timbo400

Quick Post.

One quick post before I do the mandatory timbo x melbourne trip yeah?

Time to see the boys in burn city. Preparing to cop a pair of A.P.C's (Petite Standards)

It's going to be a shit 14 hour ride =.=



These are totally worth mentioning :3
They're the hottest pairs since the Loreak's...

Totally worth 80Aud..
Time to wet your pants!

(I reckon these would do Leanne proud!)


My fvcken Bad..

Ok, I thought I was going to get away with it but obviously not.

Procrastination strikes in all forms, not just during study. Arg.

I've have no feedback from my blog for the last few weeks so I thought "no one reads it" =.= I assumed wrong! My good friend last night told me whilst I was in bed with headphones on (I was listening to him over ventrilo)

"Dude, wtf at your blog" and I'm like "People still read it?"

Omgosh. I'm so stupid.

So here I am, early morning hitting up the blogs... (7:39am as I peer at the computer clock)

Well since my last blog there was a crazy rollercoaster ride that hit every main city within the european district. Along with that was mild consumption of Alcohol and to be honest a bit of green. So yeh... here is a small portion over the next few days of my life in Korea/Europe..
The Black Bar - Incheon
Gate 110 - To Paris
Business Class :3
Love Paris.