Glassy Thoughts

For a little project :)

And some photos from Cabramatta that I forgot to upload!


Slight Observations

Installed my first installation. Here it is.

'Seven Letter Word; _ _ _ _ _ _ _' 2011
By Timothy Duong & Scott Blume
Made from found objects

I think we aced it, with positive feedback. So I'm really happy with all the results and the amount of effect (or the lack of it) Scott and I put into it. I really enjoyed the trial & error process to get from A til Z on this project, we talked and talked for at least 1-2 hours a week on what to do on it and it slowly burned down from an ambitious unachievable idea to a solid and minimal polished work (Well in my eyes)

Some behind the scenes shots. (Scott attaching the rope; Lighting)

The Next Day...

Then on Saturday I had a massively Vietnamese day, after David came over for Banh Xeo, we trekked it to Cabramatta where we OD'd on Vietnamese food. David, Jay, Michael, Chris & Andy were there as I toured them throughout the ghettoes and the unusual sights of Cabra, a sight into Vietnamese culture and lifestyles. We then went to 'Time Gone' where the old school arcade machines brought back good memories, from Raiden to David owning on DDR. That was seriously the kicker to end the evening on an awesome note.

Charis' house party shortly ensued, I travelled from Epping to Pymble dressed as a little school boy with a massive samurai sword. It's not your average sight either, getting many stares from North and Eastern suburb teens and getting stopped by a train driver for apparently holding an illegal weapon (He deemed it safe after inspection)

It was a good night and ended with tea back at my house with Sujin and Grace. I couldn't ask for a better day :)

A WIP of Sneak


Every Dog Has His Day


Shattered Fractals

Well after a long week, I've come to conclude a few big future steps in my life. Now that I know my ultimate goals and focuses I know what to try my hardest in and what to do :) A lot is off my shoulders and I guess I'm just maturing, maybe it was the big two-one that got me all shook!

Fixed my car again today, replaced the broken mirror that some idiot broke after I parked it overnight at Eastwood. Here's the damage that got removed...

Also got my new Firewire 800 portable hard drive in the mail, it was so cheap! $50 for a 500GB FW800! And also got my first doll accessory for my film :)

It's next to the watch to show you the sizing of it, it's so detailed! Cannot wait to see it all together! While I'm showing you my watch, here's my favourite watch at the moment.

The O clock is a watch that has a removable clock face and interchangeable rubber bands, purchased from Capsule for $50, once you buy the face all you need to do is spend $20 for the bands! It's so good and flexible (Both rubberwise and fashion wise!) and while we're on the fractal roll, my boy Jay is spinning the wheels of steel this Thursday at Soundbombing, so come support your local and meet me and the boys from Capsule and many more at Soundbombing!


Zine Fair 2011

Zine Fair 2011 at Sydney's MCA Gallery.
I met a few familiar faces there and also a met a few new.
Got my portrait done alongside Grace :)

Done by David Jack, He's very talented, here is his blog:
Short post, so that's all folks!


Oh Bother!

It's been a hard few weeks but finally I've scrounged up enough courage to blog after a few weeks MIA. To put you all up to date, I've turned 21, although not mentally older, I'm legally allowed to drink in the States and a few other countries not worthy of mentioning.

It was my first proper party and my first surprise party, I was so shocked and amazed and I felt loved for the first time in a long time. It was good to see everyone's face since I've been neglecting (nothing new right?) a lot of people. I did not expect anything more than a dinner but was greeted with all my best friends, from school, family and other awesome people. Thank you to everyone that came.

I'm slowly chipping away at my film, I'm not working on it as much as I hope I would. At the moment money constraints is making a little hard but I'm slowly getting there. Also my Viewmaster project is also about to receive funding, so I'm really excited to finally get the film developed.

Also marking this as my first week of breaking into my A.P.C. Petite Standards. They're fresh and currently slowly stretching out, I have my zippo inserted and ready to fade. I'll get a photo of them next to my 3 other Nudies. (Finally my first pair of selvedged denim!)

Sorry like always on slow updates, these last few weeks have been mentally tough so I'm just surviving. Would also like to end it with a wish to William 'Humga' Suen! Happy Birthday my brother! Hope you have a great day! 

Peace, /timbo400