Last night with Another.
The hieght of it all
Iantha and Ish
Dave from wollongong with inch



I have not seen some fucking funny shit on jewtube for so fucking long.

I'm fucking serious.

So here is some FUCKING awesome SHIT!

Mahvell Baybeee!

Shit is thick as fuck and deserves to be watched! I mean.. It's so PRINGLES!

So yeh, that's that.

Design? Fuck I've been hammered with shitty photography exercises which I don't like. So I'm being lazy and using old stock. IE. You're a shit cunt timbo fucking four hundred.

Yeh, that's right, admit it. You're a fucking lazy shit cunt.


Well overall (Who wears overalls still?) there is big news..

Fuck yeh, ritchie's last few days is here :*(

Therefore, he's holding a huge fucking party or some shit like that! IE. BALLER!

28th of November it's on.



Hearts are like porcelain..

They're easily broken.

Just some updates:


He played ball.

He played it. He played it a lot.


60th post.

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged :(

CATC's assignment's keep getting more anal! Arg!

But yeh, I lost my hair :/ Mum cut the fringe and I went apeshit. So I stuck the razor to my scalp and here I am.

I finally got the tattoo too =3