What Am I?

Sometimes I'm unsure of exactly what I shoot. I personally dislike shooting certain things to be honest (I won't mention them but most people know what type it is) and truthfully there's only 2 things I love most.

'Candids' and 'The-Everyday'.

There's nothing more satisfying than capturing both. I'm not an arty photographer and I'm trying constantly to improve but after shooting for several years and perfecting nothing seems quite bland from where I stand. I guess it's only upwards from here on in.

Just collecting my primes and now, my poems. I've gone through some old archives of my poems and I think I'll type them out one day. Although most of them are morbid-gore, the other ones make me smile, I can also remember the mood and night I wrote all of them. What exactly was in my mind.

So I'll end this post with this poem that was never finished. I posted it on my blog about 10 months ago, January, I had an amazing entry (Well I think it is) and even til this day I can't finish it. It was dedicated to a friend and influenced by Portishead. Maybe it's suppose to be this short. I cut the other 2 lines because they were filler when I wrote it.

"Bitter taste in my mouth with a swish of wine to clear it out,
The trails of sweat and stains from my veins are constantly gushing out.
The truth pierces my heart; but I can't breath, constantly when I dream,
It's what l feel, your warm touch, the soft kiss, it's all surreal"


The Second It Ignites,

The sparks that form the basis of an idea, the sparks that ignite the passion, the sparks that ignite the cravings from it's eternal rest.
The ravage beast from within reaching out, imagination is not enough to deter the chemicals that make me feel this way.
The subtle smell can make me think of every moment, every second burning instantly.
Trails of vapour and the mist I get lost in, my mind running down the yellow brick road.
The flick, like the way a woman gently whips her hair. Mesmerised as it floats before breaking and disappearing.
The soft warm glow keeps me warmer in the coldest of weathers even if it's a little cherry.
It's long appearance and it's shortening nature, it's thin fragile body to be consumed by the many.
Passed and shared, but now I have something else. No longer are you a necessity but rather just a mere craving.


Crocodiles & Snakes

Crazy Jungle Party on Saturday.
Only thing missing was you... (and Jungle Speed)

Bought a Nishika 35mm 3D camera along with a 35mm f/2D. About to also buy a Hanimex 135mm 2.8 and a Nikkor 85mm 1.8D

Listening to: DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablilized


The Fox & The Owl

I got bored stuck at home without being able to drive anymore. So I made something for Grace.

Gouache on watercolor paper.


No Camera. Sucks.

Having no camera really sucks. I do have a camera but it's a webcam... and I do shoot film, but I'm lazy to develop and scan. I feel bad rambling on without a photo, because the original basis of this blog was to be a photoblog. I've been faithful to it recently but it's really killing me not being able to do so.

I've been to CarriageWorks over in Redfern a few times over the last week and it's amazing. If you do not know about the COFA degree show then you are missing out. I went on Monday and was blown away by it. Taking my mum on Wednesday to the Digital Media night. I can't wait to see the works properly and spend more time on the ones I whizzed through on Monday. Planning to get a little loose also, found all these random drink vouchers, so I'm definitely going to abuse it :)

I nearly bought a 80-200mm today but got outbided, so whatever. Definitely buying a 35mm f2.0 at the end of the week. I can't stand the 50mm anymore! It's a major kit lens and what not but I personally feel that it's so tight and most of the time when I'm shooting for the blog there's no time to compose and frame. The 17-35 is just a little too (Just a little) large to lug around. The best thing about buying primes is the joy and the relighting of my passion of photography.

Some small things and points achieved today, chilled with mother, ate beef rendang, cleaned the mx-5 and visited David Lee and had a Blueberry Fanta/Monaco Bar. Great day to drive topless :giggles:

Anyway here's a photo from Monday night. Grace's flowery headpiece made me nearly as cute as her blushy smile :) 

Followed by drunken photobooth sessions after Sujin dropped me home...

Currently Listening to: Free The Robots - How Is The World


MF DOOM in Sydney!

Wed 23rd March – The Forum, Sydney 

Tuesday night...
SCA Degree Show - Undergraduates

Arielle and her iPhone fourz

Feel Good Inc.


Your Presence Makes Me Calm

And your smile makes me die. I could live with that.

So I picked up the new part of the family. It was perfect weather, it was perfect to drive, and as I hit shuffle driving from my house "Ice Cube - It was a good day" coincidentally plays. Oh my god, there's a smirk on my face that looks like it's drawn on by a sharpie. *no rapist*

I also saw AK and Tim Chuan on Pennant Hills Rd whilst driving, I never see people when I drive in the corolla :/

Tonight is the SCA Undergraduate Degree Show, so if you read this I hope you can come!
Information: Link

I think I'll be driving my Mum, but Grace Li wants to come along! What a dilemma!

Some good artists coming up! Ratatat, Gold Panda, Crystal Castles, Washed Out, Mos Def & Lupe. Who to see and what to save?

Listening to: Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP


Food, Festivals and Fanfare

With lots of food to be eaten at Yum Cha, so is disappointment. The food there was underpar (Zilvers) and apparently it's suppose to be really awesome. Sorry Sujin it was pretty aves at most and the chicken feet weren't great, but regardless I was with friends so I can't complain. Had a great bromance with Chris the night before, we just chilled from 93 til infinity. Watched Red (Thanks sujin) and then I got like 4 hours sleep before setting foot out to Yum Cha.

After this I split from the crew to go to the Newtown Festival along with Jimmy and Charli. To be honest it was fairly boring and just packed as shit. Massive amounts of people going to the average sunday market only with louder music and more grog and more green products.

After I went with Grace for some Ben & Jerry's on a Belgian Waffle. The ice-cream topped the day (Mint Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chunk) then we laid in USYD park watching planes, balloons and little kids having staring contests.

When I went home I noticed this man rocking out like no tomorrow on platform 20-something. He didn't give a fuck and gave it his best. Best air-guitar performance in public I have seen, especially to the sound of cancelled trains. I died at 2am after falling asleep at the wheel.


Summer Stains in Spring?

I got a new bird... it's sibling died when it's mother/father attacked it. We saved this one but it died shortly after 1 day...

Today, I got toasted by the Australian sun, I spent the day with Mitchell, Sujin, Carolina & Claudia. It was a nice sunny chilled day. Shark Bay wasn't too packed and there was a free titty show by teens. I felt like a criminal noticing them :grins:

We played Beach Cricket... kind of. I slept in the sun and now my shoulders are a slight pink, I'm currently listening to Deerhunter. I wish someone would chill at mine, share a smoke, coffee or scrap both and smoke a doobie to this. Today is nearly perfect but I wouldn't ask for much more. Grace should've joined today but I guess there's always tomorrow right? :)


Guilt Trippin'

Roll it, Light it, Smoke it.


Time Hustling

Just a general day, out and about within Sydney.

It was something new though, I somehow ended up in Coogee laying on the sand. The sand between my fingers and toes, it's still within my hair as I type this (I need to have a shower) it's been too long since I've stepped foot on a beach and fell asleep.

Review didn't end up so well but I got it over and done with, which is what matters. I got to spend the rest of the day with Sujin, Carolina, Claudia and of course Grace :3 (And Will came along later on in the day)

Crafty things are brewing, I'm heavily inspired by the people around me and I thank everyone for every moment I'm able to spend with you all. I cannot wait to start shooting some film soon. I have a few things to be purchased on eBay, a lot of vintage random things and all will be revealed in due time.

If only I could write in my other blog. That blog would be full by now. Sometimes I wish I could post anonymously but I know there's an audience and not knowing who exactly reads this scares me into what I can and cannot post.

Monday's Lunch. It was amazing.

PS. A friendly blogging neighbour has hit 1000 posts. She's very consistent with her blogging and is an awesome read. 
Check it out: http://rachel-maykay.blogspot.com/


Never Ending Weekends

I don't want them to end.

This was a wonderful week. Although I was at COFA for unhealthy amounts of hours (I feel sorry for the people that are there doing editing :P) it was better than being at home whilst my iMac was in intensive care. I spent lots of time with Sujin and Grace which was fun :3

I've quit smoking cigarettes too. So if you see me chewing lots of gum or fiddling around uncontrollably then that's why. If you do see me smoking cigarettes at any time in the next few months then feel free to punch me in the face. This time it'll be a lot easier.

If you've been reading my twitter updates then you may have seen that I have some new ideas, I can't wait to get them into prototype stages, but until then I cannot show, cause that'd make me look halfarsed if you constantly read my blog and find out that I gave up on it later.

On Saturday I visited a few people, I was at Terry Smith's office (SCA teacher/painter) and witnessed his works, his works are amazing. (I think Terry Smith is his name -_-) then I visited B2 and Nick's new store at Pitt St Westfield. The Westfield is fucking massive, confusing and amazing.

After that I attended Michele Lim's 21st birthday! It was a great party with delicious food and great people. I had a great night. Thanks Hui! (It's her official birthday today, so I'll say it once again, Happy Birthday!)

Listening to: "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack" and also "Washed Out - Life of Leisure"



Mad props to Sujin for organising a great day :)
Be sure to check out Come Hit This! They're on hiatus but after this, I'm sure it'll be back!