Coppin' N Poppin'

Holla at cho boi!
Copped some shit and dropped some shit too.
Props to another" once again. Can't wait to see the new drops.


Rhodes & Riding

I rode ~22kms from Parramatta to Rhodes/Olympic park. Good ride.

A bit of blood mixed with sweat but no tears.

Me ghetto thugging with the beanie. Photos props to David Lee: 


Time & Space

Zombify Dracula Doodle

Just a random doodle...
Maybe he needs to be a little more dead?

Currently Listening to: Atmosphere - It Goes


New Icon Design

I've been going through several different Twitter applications that run on Mac, from Nambu to Twitteriffic and now Tweetie, all had their pros/cons but it turns out Tweetie is the best for me in terms of functionality and visuals.

I also added the Adium icon prior to actually getting Tweetie so I thought that in my dock there's 3 chat clients, Tweetie, Adium and Skype, since 2 of them look the same why not 3? So now I made my own Skype icon to match the others. I may edit the arrow tab on the icon so it's in the middle but that can be another day.

Download: Click Me (Mac OS X) or click here PC users 

Use Candybar to skin your App.
Made in Photoshop, 20 minutes.



Put Your Arms Around Me

There's not often a song really catches my attention that isn't already on my library playlist... that plays on the radio. Now I was driving to my sister's work which is literally a 2-3 minute drive depending on whether or not you get the single set of lights or not, anyway this song comes on and it's like my heart is icecream on a warm summers day... (today was ridiculously cold, ~15'c) and so I sat in the car listening to the sweetness of it.

Here is the song:

I've also been sketching here and there, here's a little break down of images...

Scene one of my major work processed in Adobe Illustrator, WIP.

Berry Digital Media logo created for a client. WIP also. It's currently the "WEB2.0" look :P

Then I tried to drew myself if I was an attractive person... (I wish T^T) it's based on the illustrations of David M Buisan. I tried to copy the first figure (Top right) but failed miserably.