So it was about 3 years ago that I transitioned from Xanga (Shudders) to Blogspot in search of a more mature and professional way of blogging. At the time it was a massive change with many trial and errors to be had along the way. Now it is time I put my blogspot into archive and let my new venture to a proper website start.

For the last few days you may have noticed my usual domain was not working. Well that's because I was going through changes under the hood (on the interwebs) and things didn't go exactly to plan.

I've had plans to change over to WordPress for months and months and with the recent shift of several players to the game and many colleagues at Uni I've felt the pressure to move on. My new website is also a new focus and love in my life, one that's always been there but never really the main goal. I will pursue my major and new venture into the realm of the 'Art world'

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog even though going through archives it's very embarrassing and cringe-worthy. will contain mainly art content but also the same rambles and everyday life.

Note: If you're seeing a weird old website of mine that's part of the problem that I'm trying to fix. That is not the final content!

See you there! Thanks for the great 3 years!


First Day Of Spring

Been going crazy with art. Drawings, paintings and buying supplies. It's been better than ever before with high prospects especially with our latest exhibition upcoming up I'm very excited and cannot wait to pump out works, this will be a crazy experience that may decide my future.

 Here are some drawings that happened today and yesterday.

And some Works In Progresses.

And some works by Nick Boerma and Simon Ready. Given to the Printmedia Class for watching their presentation. Epic guys!

Also just want to finish it all and end with some good ole celebration with friends and drinks!

New Blackbook Drawings

Mouse Trap

Rah! It's an Ambush!

Thursday night was a great night. Thanks to Qwux and the Rah collective kids for helping create a great book and hosting a fun night (Well thanks to Ambush for that!)

Heaps of the kids came out to support the locals and reppin' the Wood was Chris Yee and his baller as always work.