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I know it's shit :(

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Self Confessed Nerd

Man today sucked the mega-nuts.

Like old man potato sack in my mouth with a side of salt and lemon.

Well I waited in a fucking line for 2 hours just to take a fucking photo for my ID? In a retarded hot/humid hall. Anyway that's not the point. The point is that I met some other SCA enrollist, who was pretty cool. (Pointless story x1 fuck yeah)

So I was totally scouring the BA forums *Refer to title of this post* and I found this one fucking funny signature: (Thanks to 4chan for such a reference)


"Good news everyone,
I've invented a device which makes you read this in your head, with my voice!"

Sauce: http://i44.tinypic.com/28aki86.jpg

So yes, my title states me. I've always been a nerd. Maybe not the nerd/geek in school that would normally be studying. I was the dude that somehow always had something with computers or some shit. Fuck it's embarrassing just typing it now -__- (Maybe I could change my blog post title... or fuck it, I'll just carry np)

Anyway, nowadays I'm REALLY carrying this jargon from many places and using it in like real life. It's really fucking bad. Today.. I said "I cbf" to that girl I met at the enrolling line. WOW JUST WOW. I mean, that shit is like branded into my mind ("Broca's Area" to be specific) and yeh. I was so struck by my fucking stupidity, though I was lucky it slipped pass her (Wow this guy is speaking some fucking asian I don't know)

So yeh, that's me. A self confessed asian nerd. Nothing new right?

Anyway here was what really made me smile today:
From an anonymous person on MSN who was reading my blog:
"your taste in porn is magnificant" - Anonymous, Random MSN Conversation @ 8pm

Thanks buddy, you made my day HAHA!

Well after proof-reading (not really, just scrolling up and down in 2 seconds) it seems my blog posts have been lacking quality. Here's some more quantity to drill your minds anyway:

I've been meaning to post these youtube vids for a while. They're videos by a person from CA, stockton. An awesome photographer. He's shooting with a nikon D90. (Watch the videos in HD)

His blog: http://timothymar.blogspot.com/ (It's like what I wanted my blog to be like, but mine is total fail)

And I thought I'd bring this back:
Song listening to ATM: Nujabes - Feather (Good blogging song ^^)
Favourite Album ATM: Non Phixion - The Future Is Now


Edit: I would like to add, I'm looking for webspace if anyone is willing to donate some server space + bandwidth to a little asian boy who's starving in africa because his jewish mother and african father cannot support his future online portfolio. Please donate by sending webhost space to the owner of this blog and he'll gladly pass it to little timmy. The webhosting deprived boy living in africa.

I miss her.. already.

Today was the last day I saw my sister.

She's gone, gone for about 1 year in France. I'm not sure if I'm visiting her since Mum is doing the early rounder during Easter holidays without me.

This morning, it seemed quite normal besides the fact I woke at 7am to make quiches and stuff for my Mum, but that's fairly normal. We ate and met Ben's family again + sister's friends which was good to see. The day strolled by until we had to drop her off at the airport. Now the airport.. it's such a large place, trolleys, people, luggage. Fuck it all. Even till that time, I didn't feel any different. I still felt normal. Nothing changed. It was all just a normal humid day. We said our goodbyes and we spent time together with the family and blah.

Even then when I waved her and flipped her off for the last time (Flipping off is this in thing I do) I still felt nothing.

Was this my insensitivity kicking in and being a total homo? I felt nothing. A fucking rock has more emotions than me at that fucking airport. Not to be a bitch or anything but I just felt like it was another "Cya later"

Well I shrugged it off in the car ride home listening and changing the radio station only to let my mind fill into mush from the fail music being broadcasted into our airwaves. I was at home and didn't do anything until later, 3 hours from when she left (Her flight left for a stop in HK at 3pm ADEST) and only then. It came. It came like an icicle falling in splitting my head open. She was gone. My only sister. The only one I can act like an idiot around. The only person I can tell my stupid or secret stories.

I would only go inside your room and jump on the bed because you were there. I would only act stupid cause you were there. You were the only person I would feel comfortable around in the house. I'll miss you when you're gone. It won't be the same at home without you. I was worried when you were gone for 2 days straight on NYE. I don't know how I'll last 365 days (If I don't make it there)

I'll miss you so much viv. Please be safe there! :3

Here is a photo we took... It's sitting on the fridge...

Well I guess that's it... here's the other photos I promised you other readers:

A new addition to the family:

Timbo in Burn City:



Timmy the photographer :3

Sarah the badass:

Aaron's shoe! :p

/peace timbo400.

Adventures of the 400

Well another long awaited post.

I've been procrastinating my fucking blog way to long now. I'm forcing myself to type it from my bed using my sister's laptop.

It's been too long since my last post. I've done quite a lot and achieved quite a lot also. Melbourne x Timbo400 was good. 2009 UAC results was good. And some other shit was also good.

So yeh, I hit up Melb (not very hard though) and met some new cats + old cats there. Awesome seeing timmy, fou, dfkt and chew there + the usual BA suspects ie. Hal, tat and Psych0tic who made a fucking crazy trip from broadmeadows for some pho LOL. Also shout outs to sarah and her cousin stellar. Shisha np HA!

I didn't hit up walls really, just a few tags. Proddy was weak also. I only copped a krink mop + nike retro pegasus 89 infra or some colourway. I don't keep up with shit anymore =[

Well the melbs bit was aite. but the trip there and back was homo. I mean.. we missed BOTH flights to and forth. How fucking bad luck is that? Then when we're back at the long term car park... the fucking car doesn't start and we're forced to call nrma... total failness.

So yeh, that was about a week ago. Now it's back to college. I totaly missed the first 3 days of college -_-. But yeh, been getting distinctions and shit for my projects. What up?

Oh and UNI? I got the SCA offer to USYD! Hoorah for me! Finally timbo makes it into uni -_+''

Things to do:
- KFC bullshit
- Enrol to SCA
- Give ankles my computer
- Draw more.

That's it for now. I finally at least blogged. I'm satisfied. I guess I filled that little gap in my life. That blog gap that most blog fags have right?

Oh and Tomorrow is my last full day with my lovely sister Vivian before she spends a whole year in France :( I'll miss here very much.

I'll post photos of burn city next post + i'll have more updates.

If i fail to blog. chuc mun nam moi. Happy new year (asian)


16 things I l___ about me

The following post is from "Facebook Notes"...

Amirite? I've never seen notes -.-

Anyway, to start it off, <3>

Quote: "Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you."

Before I start, I'm really shit at thinking of so called facts... so fuck you.

1. Everyone knows I have a thing with faecal matter. That's right, you heard me right. Faecal matter. Ever since I was a young kid I have some kind of weird "bump" in with "shit" Maybe it happens to everyone except they don't talk about it, or maybe it's just me. I can't type the stories though, they need acting out to fully appreciate them.

2. Ever since Maccas was alive, I'd do weird stuff to the burgers or make weird shit. Everyone does the fries in the burger or the fries in the sundae but people flipped out when I put the sundae inside the big-mac/mc chicken/filet-o-fish etc etc. What's so wrong with that? Fuck you haters!

3. I also have a thing for vomiting. In ANY situation. If you see me laughing to myself, it's me thinking about vomiting right there on the spot. The amount of awkward situations that I break the ice to myself.

4. Enough "sick timbo" shit. Here's something that will answer the questions of most people. 400? Well, my first email was timbo4000@yahoo.com (cause some faggot stole timbo, so I used the random name generator which spat out 4000) After that, I use to play Diablo I and Starcraft with the Alias "timbo4000" but one day I forgot my password and was forced to create another account on Yahoo.. so obviously timbo400 was created. Ever since then it was timbo400.

5. Then there would be the random questions people would ask (Or I would ask in School) Like "Would you rather eat a cup of eye crusties or eat a table spoon of cock cheese" etc etc. I'd usually go for the crusties (Cause I hate cottage cheese) but for those that may ask me mermaid or fishtopslut? I'd pick fishtopslut. Sorry kids. Fish lips, Ass, Snatch, wut else?

6. (Oh god, I'm running out of shit to type LOL, flipping back to Bao Kim's one xD) I try too hard to push away my traditions yet they always come back out. I thought I was a banana but I guess I'm not. It's in the blood? It's in the genes? Whatever. Sure, I failed maths and I have some fucked up other POVs but in the end I'm really fucking Asian. LOL.

7. I have a OCD of saying "LOL" or "wtf" It's totally uncool if you say on the street and TOTALLY fucking uncool if you say it on the street next to someone who doesn't or barely knows the lingo. It's like:
Me: "Lol"
Dude: "Did you just say "lol"?"
/ninja smoke bombs away

8. I'm a fast eater. No I don't know why. I just eat too fast and it's bad. Everytime I'm out I end up finishing first and sitting there. Fuck yes it's a bad habit, even if I try to eat slow I still eat fast. God, please help me.

9. When I was a young kid I'd imagine mecha shit. Like robots and shit, I'd think up scenarios and stories that would seem to be found in hollywood minus the bullshit. I'd make sound effects and be totally in my own world. The characters had no faces but I knew what they looked like and they all had voices. I'd sit on the toilet or stare outside the window for hours thinking of the shit happening whilst making stupid sound effects. And to this day... I still do it.

10. I hate clowns. IT. But I hate porcelain dolls more. I FUCKING HATE THEM. Chuckie amirite?

11. More things I hate. I can't watch scary movies. If I do... I'd watch it with the sound off, cause everyone knows shit ain't scary unless it has the soundtrack... (Yeh, fuck you, I'm a pussy ok? T__T)

12. I shaved my head yesterday. The hottest day possible to shave your head. And today the weather is REALLY effing cold. Retardedly cold. WAY 2 SPOIL IT.

13. I have a not-so secret affection for Brad Pitt/Jude Law/Asian Brad Pitt but really, I'd rather do Edward Norton. HE'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

14. Everytime someone asks me "what music do you listen to" I reply "You've never heard of it" or some shit. Then they go "OH RLY?" I'm like.. "YES RLY" then I say some random artist I really like and cherish.. they're always like *awkward silence* and bring up some faggot random artist like "ooo.. I don't know that guy... but have you heard of 50 cent?" (OH RLY? Fucking idiot)

15. Second last fact: I've even eaten a malteaser*.

16. I'm dyslexic. Suoiresly I am. Either that or I stutter too much. That's it. My last fact is if you ever meet me, I have a subtle (Imo) stutter. I never knew until recently. (Picks up other retards np)

*From a dog's ass

Hot Shit

My god, it's like 30 degrees and it's only 10:30pm? What the fuck. How much hotter?

Anyway I'm back from camp. Forster to be exact. I have Sunburns to tell the story.

I didn't bring my camera though, which I regret. I would've been wicked (Ali G accent)

I've come to conclusion though, that I'm totally fucking jaded with /BA/ I mean; Fuck it.

I've also kept a retarded long time of being unemployed. Fuck me dead, it's really shitting me when you can't get a job from the most retarded of places. Like it's fucking embarrassing. Enough of my fail rants though.

So lets switch back to square one. First, Happy Late New Year. I totally didn't say it.

Number 2. Melbourne in 10 days. Wut2Do? I don't really know what to do this time. I can be fucked with proddy. I guess it's just dinner with folks and shit numsayin? Also fyi. Those people who think I'm going out with Sarah. :Sigh: It's a facebook thing.

Number 3. My back is sweating like a slut/It burns like someone cheese grated it. I wanted to exercise today. Sun/Burns = no no. Gotdamnit.

I'm tired. CBF with this blog atm.

photos courtesy of Humga