Man, my body clock is changed. This constant change of sleeping patterns makes me sluggish throughout the day.

I've achieved next to nothing.

.'. there's nothing to post.

It's like I've hit rock bottom in terms of blogspot/blogging.

I mean, considering this is an "art" blog. I've done little to no art in the last 3 weeks besides a few typography exercises I like to do myself when I'm bored.

So besides being in a total slump, I did clean up my house today. It's extra clean! All I need now is to clean my bedroom/s (which I pretty much transferred all the mess to lol)

It's 10:22pm on a thursday. My eyes are so tired. I need a proper night's sleep.

Goodnight sweet world.


Yeah, Nah

Yes, I've been afk for like 2 weeks straight.

Wow omg. 2 weeks of BA totally ruined my normal routine. Fuck you BA. (Quitting tomorrow again only to rejoin in a few weeks when the proper holidays start)

Although I did meet Sung Minh Buck Choi today, it was refreshing seeing someone a lot younger than you + a lot taller. I swear he's like 6'1". :/ Dude needs to lay off the steroids.

So yes, besides the shitty procrastination I also ended up with some of this:


I present to you a little teaser.

Anyway, other than that I have quite a lot to do tomorrow. Major Print One A Day. Library Assignment. Drawings. Tattoo Drawing. Monograms/Prints. and the list goes on.

My house is littered with plates and tomato sauce. Today is also Arielle's birthday. (Happy Birthday! Sorry I couldn't stay long)

I've also fucked up my regular sleeping patterns. I'm getting about 3-5 hours of sleep each day. Sleeping at around 4-5am and waking at 10am-12pm. It's quite bad.

Words to remove from vocab: Bad.

And with that I leave you with some images from Facebook. Picture(s) of yours truly. Taken by other(s).

Me happy:
Prep wut? and Esther @ her house.

Memo to self: Last memo. You can't think of anything right now, so you're typing/writing whatever comes to mind which is actually what you're typing. The more you think of this the more it loops so you'll end it now with a fullstop.


Oh noes

Boys are over. We're watching Harold and Kumar a second time in 2 weeks.

Wee... pictures up soon.

I apologize for not posting regularly.


I lose it for one week...

And it's all down hill.



She's beautiful.


Fixie Pixies

I picked up my bike yesterday. I drove to faulconsbridge. Ie. REALLY far away.

I rode it today having making/modifying toeclips. It's REALLY fun. Hard to ride cause I'm so use to coasting + I'm shit at mounting but I was practicing skids today. I did a few 5 metre skids at Eastwood.. I'll try to get photos up.

Anyway I apologize once again for the lack of posts from me. I'm really busy at the moment and it's hard to accustom myself to being home alone. I miss my mum. I really do. It's weird not having her tell me what to do. I'm not use to this freedom. Is this what leaving home will be like? Probably 10x worse. She left me food. She left me everything. I love her. Be safe overseas! I'll be the best boy I can be here!

With that, I'll post a heart warming song.

memo to self: cut poo out!


Fish bowl.

I'm capped. I can't do shit. I hate being capped.

So for that reason I wrote another poem.

"The Camp"

Fresh from the fiery ovens they were baked,
The only choice on the menu they could take;
Sprinkled on like croutons in soup,
The cubed bodies were mixed into a goop;
Forced to consume their own kin,
They wept as they tasted their own skin;
Only to fuel themselves to drone like ants in,
To the kiln where the cycle would again begin.

memo to self: budget the money so you don't waste it all on "consumables". Mum can't help you from across the globe.


Peanut butter and Jelly.

I came home today. I ated a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cheese singles.

I had to share this poem I wrote to Song Nguyen.

"Peanut butter and Jelly"

You can be my peanut butter,
Cause I'll love you like no other;
All I give you is my jelly-jam,
As long as you call me timmy-tam;
I'll write you one every after-noon,
Just before the sun becomes the moon;
We'll jump up and down on the bread,
Even till the rusty springs shred;
You may be salty and I be sweet,
But we'll be perfect when we meet.


So yeah, I love my PBnJ! Best shit out!

And another haiku to finish off this blog:
Memo to self: Boobs

I like big boobies,
It's so fun to watch them bounce,
Lets face-rub in them.