In Korea

My first blog post overseas.

Oh my god it's so awesome in Korea! I met Marie (From NLCC) on the plane :P

Anyway it's hella cold but I'm loving the atmosphere. Girls are so desuuu desuuuu.

I can't say much more but I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow morning <3

Thanks for reading and I'll hope I'll update this soon!

/peace timbo400


I'll see you in 26 days. I'll try to blog in Europe.

Keep safe. Peace out.


Like a pair of crutches.

It's been a wild last few weeks with lots of regret. I cannot share with you faithful readers but I am going to be truthful after this post :P

I must admit, it was a bit of a charade. I couldn't let go, I was somewhat insecure? I'm still unsure, it's quite a blur. I guess I let go of the crutches. I feel relieved. Although it's only a single step towards you, I am confident it won't be the last.

I also reformatted my computer so that's really fun/nice addition. Also I have my passport + boarding tickets for the EuroTrip. I might have said this but I have booked a luncheon at one of Gordon Ramsey's kitchens. Hopefully he's cooking and I can be sworn at the guy that's got a license to curse. I might also be going to Legoland. It's been a childhood dream to visit such a place. I would rate it over Disneyland/World (That place never really got me :/)

I've also been doing some sketches and would love to share but they're quite embarrassing.

Peace /timbo400