The Dip

The Dip at Good God in Sydney is a great place if you want some gourmet loving hot dogs. Now, wait a minute, did Timothy just mention hot dogs and gourmet on the same line? Is he joking? Is he really going to pay a premium price for a simple meal? Well, yes. But it's fucking worth every penny. Hit read more to see if this is true.

Harry Hot Dogs

Video will be a new medium that I'll incorporate into this blog. After spending an hour conversing with JM and Steven, we had the usual conversations about work, uni and life in general. CREAM if you know what I mean. Just testing out the video and low-light capabilities as we wind down and catch up.

Photographic Accessories

Note: the following post contains a lot of photographic jargon, you may not want to read on, if so, enjoy the photos.

So I have some new toys that I recently bought, they're all slowly trickling through my mailbox to me. Each day a new parcel comes and it's like a lottery I know that I'm going to win except I don't know the prize. One by one the couriers bring them to me, starting first with the parts I need least followed by the parts I need most at the end (SD cards, how can I shoot without a SD card?)

So enough with the slow torture, here's what was awaiting usage.

After gathering what I could today I was left with the dreaded fate of no SD card to test out my new toy. So I had to borrow my mums hidden SD card. With minimal shots available from the measly 2GB I mucked around with the camera.

My fish vapor died 2 weeks ago, he was my first fighting fish in a long time, I owned him for about 5 or so months. He was my favorite fish until I got the big tank. RIP Vapor.
Shot using the D7000 with 60mm 2.8 Micro with a SB-700 to light. He's dried like that.

Got Sauce Plz?

I am a confessed sauce fiend. For the type also known as condiments that are found ontop of your meat pie or alongside your steak and fries or sprayed into your bowl of Pho (Not the one you're searching for after you type 'G0t Sauce?!' in some seedy back alley of the internet). I'm often seen putting too much tomato ketchup* on my food at home and since I've got 'ETA's Original BBQ Sauce' (Seen here) I've been using and pouring it on my meals like it was holy water. Blessing each and every meal with the beautiful wonders of the said sauce like I was the Pope blessing the pilgrims before I eat them.

I, like most people move on from my sauces after long abuse, from a young age I remember drizzling sweet chilli sauce to mayo to tomato sauce but all of those are long gone now that I've 'matured'. I'll still have my Tabasco and soy sauces but my new love that may dethrone a lot of other sauces would be 'Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce' found hidden in many Asian conveinience stores scattered across Sydney and also found in the City on Crown St in Amasia (A clothing store funnily enough which sells Uniqlo and other staple brands)

This Asian chili sauce is often found in Vietnamese joints and added to meals such as the famed Pho (Beef Noodle Soup for all you non-knowers) After being finally reunited, nostalgia similar to that of ETA's BBQ Sauce, this sauce is definitely a must for any person that likes spicy flavour. If you have not tasted this and also like chili then you're sleeping!

Although I do love my other staple condiments, being from a Vietnamese family I cannot blog about a sauce and not mention Nuoc Mam (While sometimes a dressing or dip, this shit is more flexible than the word fuck in the food world), the staple of ALL Vietnamese meals, it's the only sauce I can make blindfolded. I pride myself in making godly Nuoc Mam. I drink at least a cup of that stuff a week! (Note: I'm referring to Nuoc Mam Cham, not the unmixed Fish Sauce)

So while I don't have a camera to take a picture of the Sauce bottle, I did my best to show a rough image of it. Continuing on from the theme of scanned images, I present to you the Sriracha Sauce Scan and model.

*Yes, I know, Heinz Ketchup & everything else from the supermarket labelled as tomato sauce for all you Australian readers

Scanned using Canon MP490 and skinned using Photoshop CS5's 3D tool.
Keep the condiment-ing game strong!

Day in day out

A quick sketch of a scan of myself last night. Reminds me of when paparazzi take your photo. Trying to consciously choose to draw more :)

Scanning for all Lifeforms

I don't currently have a camera since I sold my D700 but I do have a few other alternatives. I wanted to show off my freshly shaved chin but the Apple built in camera is so overused.

D700 sold, Nikon D7000 coming in along with a SB-700, 85mm 1.8, 120GB SSD, 8GB RAM for the iMac and a HDD Dock. Also got my 60mm Micro today. I have a lot of expensive camera paperweights :(

Blue 210

When was the last time you saw me post a drawing? Yeah, that's right you can't even recall it.

I got a new little book and a new blue artline. They both fit in my pockets. Will do a lot of sketching.

These scans are straight off the press!

TOKiMONSTA & Nosaj Thing

Crazy wet night. Would do it again. Only if I had my camera.. :( yes you heard right, my baby is gone but a lot of kids have joined the party. New lens lineup: 17-35 2.8, 35 f/2, 50 f/1.4, 60 Micro and 85 1.8.

William took great shots, shit Jennifer even signed a drawing by Crez. Nosaj's set was beast, Toki was pretty good, got the crowd moving but I pre-empted most of it :(

Photo Credit: William 'Humga' Suen

Fox Meets Logo

Totally Mind Blanked.. feeling really geometrical.

Wanted to draw a fox... and somehow this came out... might be my logo for the film...

Hot Boxing

My favourite photo of Saturday night at the Burdekin Hotel.

Review: iPad App Blogsy

So after a long time of having several productivity apps on my iPad to encourage me to blog more often and in more places on the iPad I've spent pretty much next to none on such activities which is a waste considering that I've spent a large amount of money on Apps collectively. I gave up on using my iPad as a portable computer after I got my IPhone since my iPad was a non 3G, aka WIFI only iPad, so I was pretty much limited only to my WIFI access at home to blog which is pretty much useless since there is my iMac there and if I were to blog elsewhere it'd be highly antisocial or plain weird (Imagining myself being one of those douchebag bloggers that would hit up the Apple Store to do said things)

This all changed once I allowed WiFi tethering from my Jail-broken iPhone. Wireless freedom once again and with my new plethora of tote bags (Thanks to Grace and my Sister *Who's setting up a new food blog, so I think the IPad would be a great addition to her travelings*) I can once again actively blog on the go.

Hit the link to read more.

Marly Hotel

Shot a 21st for Natalie. Was a nice crazy hair night, although I did step in vomit...

I love this photo of Ayesha :)