First Day Of Spring

Been going crazy with art. Drawings, paintings and buying supplies. It's been better than ever before with high prospects especially with our latest exhibition upcoming up I'm very excited and cannot wait to pump out works, this will be a crazy experience that may decide my future.

 Here are some drawings that happened today and yesterday.

And some Works In Progresses.

And some works by Nick Boerma and Simon Ready. Given to the Printmedia Class for watching their presentation. Epic guys!

Also just want to finish it all and end with some good ole celebration with friends and drinks!


charisard. said...

very nice I feel I shouldn't be looking because its like spoilers for the upcoming exhibition?

p.s. I was keen to "try" help you guys get drink sponsors but its so close not sure if we have enough time I can ask the batlow ciders guys but you'll need some figures for me (i.e. expected turn out) offer free publicity to their target market in exchange for cheap/free booze ;)

p.p.s. is that three oaks one any good have yet to try?